Madison LeCroy Says Craig Conover’s Girlfriend Slept with Southern Charmer

Craig Conover girlfriend Austen Kroll

Instagram Craig Conover, left, and girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer, right.

Southern Charm’s Madison LeCroy is stirring the pot after making a public claim about the girlfriend of one of her costars.

During a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, LeCroy dished that Craig Conover’s girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer slept with Austen Kroll before she dated Conover. She also alluded that Hegnauer’s intention of hooking up with Kroll was to try and land a spot on the show.

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However, some fan websites are now calling LeCroy a hypocrite, pointing out that the 30-year-old faced similar accusations regarding her relationship with Kroll in the past, according to Reality Tea.

“Many people have suggested that Madison used Austen to secure a spot on Southern Charm,” Reality Tea reported. “If that’s not true, why would she make someone feel the way that she’s felt? If Madison did use Austen to be on TV, then it’s hypocritical to call out Natalie.”

LeCroy and Kroll dated on and off again throughout the show’s seventh season before they finally announced their split last month, Us Weekly reported.

Here’s what you need to know:

LeCroy Defended Her Comments by Claiming ‘Everybody Already Knew This’

LeCroy defended her comments about Hegnauer to Entertainment Tonight, claiming her cast mates already knew about the information.

“The thing was, I did not drop that [bomb]. Like, everybody already knew this going into it, when they started dating. Austen is the one who told me,” she shared with the outlet. “So when I said that, I wasn’t trying to throw Craig or his girlfriend under the bus.”

She added, “That was going to come out. If you sleep with two of the castmates on the show and you think you’re going to slide by without that, you’re an idiot. … And if you can get past that, then by all means, knock yourself out.”

LeCroy noted that, although Conover is upset with her behavior, she doesn’t think he should be. She also told ET that she has no ill will toward his girlfriend, considering the hookup happened before she started dating Kroll.

“I mean, I don’t hate her, I don’t dislike her,” LeCroy said to Entertainment Tonight. “[Kroll] did this when we weren’t together. That’s on him. But if he’s okay with it, then I guess he’s okay with it.”

Conover Slammed LeCroy as Being ‘Nasty for No Reason’

Meanwhile, Conover addressed LeCroy’s outburst during an interview with Us Weekly — and not in her favor.

He told the outlet that LeCroy was “really nasty for no reason,” citing a comment she made about being “grossed out” Hegnauer.

Conover explained that he met his current girlfriend through Kroll during a trip to Aspen, Colorado.

He added that he was already aware of their previous fling.

“It was no secret that they had known each other before. Natalie has been nothing but nice to Madison,” Conover dished to the magazine. “They hung out, they were friends. So what Madison did just wasn’t nice, you know? … I don’t even want to be associated with Madison anymore.”

Despite the drama, the 31-year-old expressed to Us Weekly that most of his inner circle is “happy for [me]” and even gushed about Hegnauer.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve felt this way about someone and since I’ve found someone that was so supportive,” he continued to the outlet.

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