Craig Conover Dishes on Relationship With Ex-Girlfriend Naomie Olindo

NBCUMV Fans will see Craig Conover’s dating life in the new season of Bravo’s "Southern Charm."

Southern Charm star Craig Conover is spilling the tea on the current status of his relationship with ex-girlfriend and former cast member Naomie Olindo. Conover and Olindo dated on-and-off for three years until they called it quits in 2018. Olindo moved on rather quickly and has been in a committed relationship with Metul Shah, and Conover has been dating his girlfriend Natalie Hegnauer for nearly a year.

Having both moved on, Conover and Olindo haven’t rekindled their relationship. But Conover dished that he has run into her from time to time and that for now, the two are, “just good friends.”

“I actually ran into [Olindo and Shah] in the airport,” Conover shared on an episode of Amanda Hirsch’s Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast aired Tuesday, March 2. “We were in the sky lounge. I was coming back from somewhere and they were coming back. Her and Metul walked in and I was like, ‘No f*cking way.’ They didn’t see me at first and they sat two tables away and I went over and I started by standing and talking to them, but I ended up sitting with them and talking.”

He added, “Life is crazy how you can spend years with someone having your whole future planned out and then just be… strangers. It’s nuts.”

Conover Revealed What ‘Frustrated’ Him With Their Breakup

Conover and Olindo’s relationship played out on Southern Charm. At the time of the couple’s breakup, Conover had decided to make a career shift from practicing law to sewing pillows. The 31-year-old soon founded his successful company Sewing Down South, but it took some time after Conover’s breakup for it to grow. Conover has since spilled that Olindo and him did not break up because of financial reasons.

“That’s what frustrated me so much,” Conover said on Dear Media’s Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. “Whenever anyone would call me lazy, I’m like, ‘I’m like financially… I’m in easily the top three percent of people my age.’ I was just like, ‘This isn’t about money.”

He continued saying, “She couldn’t handle everyone else, what they thought. You had [Shep Rose] constantly saying that I was a loser, that I should be a lawyer. You had [Cameran Eubanks] constantly say I was being a loser and that I should be a lawyer. And she respected and looked up to these people and that’s who formed her opinions for her.”

Another Southern Charmer’s Relationship Sparked Rumors

Conover isn’t the only Southern Charm star with a public relationship. Southern Charm cast member and Conover’s close friend Kathryn Dennis began dating Chleb Ravenell last summer before making their relationship official in October.

Dennis and Ravenell have been going strong for more than half a year, but the two look like they may be ready to take the next step. Southern Charm hair and makeup artist Chelsea Shea posted a series of photos and videos of Dennis dressed in white wedding gowns on Monday, February 22. Ravenell posed with her in a tuxedo, as the @QueensOfBravo Instagram account captured above.

In one video, Ravenell gets down on one knee while Dennis reacts. The photos and videos took place at the Nest at Steele’s Farm in Charleston, per the Instagram Stories. The Instagram Stories tagged Dennis, Ravenell, the Farm, as well as photographer Kent Lin. Both Dennis and Ravenell teased that they were working on something special.

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