Craig Conover Addresses Paige DeSorbo’s Reality TV Portrayal

Craig Conover

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Paige DeSorbo has been a polarizing figure on “Summer House” for a few seasons now as fans have either shared their love and support for the reality star or criticized her comments or storyline.

In a recent appearance on the “It’s Complicated” podcast, her boyfriend Craig Conover addressed her portrayal on Bravo and said the reality wasn’t always what was reflected on the show. “You have to understand that she can do everything perfectly, and she’s a great girlfriend and a very honest girlfriend,” he shared. “That does not mean that what you see on TV is going to look that way and you have to understand that.

“Just like, we filmed for four months for ‘Southern Charm’ and fortunately, she gets upset at some things, but she’s also able to be like, it’s just the business,” he continued. He said both of them were good at understanding that what they were doing was just their job and though it wasn’t easy at times, he has loved being in a relationship with someone from the same world.

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Craig Conover Said He Couldn’t Seriously Date Someone Who Wasn’t in the Same Industry

The “Southern Charm” star explained during his podcast appearance that he could never see himself getting into a serious relationship with someone who wasn’t “in the business.”

“I absolutely love dating someone in the same business as me because I truly don’t see how it would work outside of this,” he revealed. “I can’t speak for everyone, but there is just no way to understand the ins and outs of our daily lives, the pros and cons.”

“It’s a very unhealthy business to be in, especially mentally, and you just have to be aware of that,” he continued. “But if you’re dating someone that doesn’t have those same issues, they’d be like, ‘Cry me a river. I had to go to work from 9 to 5, I had to deal with clients all day.’” Conover said he and DeSorbo can understand why they’re busy on evenings and weekends and partying a lot as it’s part of their job.

The New Season of ‘Southern Charm’ Will Show the Couple Having Discussions About Their Future

While an 8th season of “Summer House” is currently filming, the 9th season of “Southern Charm” will premiere on September 14, and will see OG star Conover returning to the screen. Joining him as a guest star, the trailer showed, will be DeSorbo.

The 9th season trailer hinted that the two will face some difficult conversations during the season, which was filmed early in 2023. “I’m not trying to plan a wedding right now,” DeSorbo told Conover in one clip. “Why would we date if we’re not gonna take the next step?” he asked her in response.

Their conversation appears to be a continuation of what they were discussing during season 7 of “Summer House,” when Conover visited DeSorbo in the Hamptons. Conover told his girlfriend that he wanted to follow a timeline to propose to her that year while DeSorbo said she didn’t feel ready to move her life to Charleston, which is what a proposal and marriage would entail in her mind.

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