Daisy Kelliher Said She ‘Wasn’t Interested’ in Appearing on Below Deck

Daisy Kelliher

Bravo Daisy Kelliher

“Below Deck” is one of the most successful Bravo shows and spawned several other successful spinoffs since the show first premiered back in 2013.

In a recent interview, “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” chief stew Daisy Kelliher revealed that she nearly turned down the show, however, due to the negative stigma that is sometimes associated with it in the yachting industry. The spinoff’s fan favorite, who appeared in seasons 2 and 3 so far, explained that she was approached about doing the show but definitely had reservations about it.

“It wasn’t unusual for the show to reach out,” she told onlinecasino.ca, “but at the time I wasn’t interested, there was obviously a stigma about it and I guess like any reality TV show, unless you think outside the box or maybe know someone that has done it, most shows have a negative stigma related [to them].”

Kelliher eventually decided to do it since she’d lost her job during the pandemic and was “miserable” in lockdown, but still didn’t think she’d actually make it through the casting process. “I was massively nervous about the consequences from what was going to happen,” she spilled, “but it’s all turned out OK so far.”

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A Previous Chief Stew Said She Was Turned Down From Some Yachting Jobs After Appearing on the Show

The chief stew from “Below Deck” season 1, Adrienne Gang, previously opened up about the show’s stigma amid the yachting industry. She said after she appeared on the show, a few yachts likely turned her down because of her stint on “Below Deck” but luckily she was still able to find work on other boats.

Gang said there is still some stigma about the show but “the tide is turning.” She said the perspective in the yachting industry has changed a lot, with people now discussing it instead of refusing to acknowledge it. That said, when “Below Deck” first premiered, Gang told Boat International that she was told it would be “the downfall of the multibillion-dollar yachting industry.”

She said once it was released, she was “terrified” to attend the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show due to the “uproar” around the show in the yachting industry.

The Owner of Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Parsifal III Had Reservations About the Show Filming on His Yacht

Some of the owners of the yachts featured on “Below Deck” have also spoken about the show’s impact, such as the owner of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s” Parsifal III, Kim Vibe-Petersen. He told Boat International he didn’t want to do the show at first because he thought, “maybe this was the wrong signal to send out to the market and that it could disturb the very good reputation that Parsifal III has.”

However, producers kept asking him and eventually, they agreed on terms. He said he decided not to change the name of the boat for the show because name recognition might be a benefit. “We were a little nervous that the series would be too extreme, but it turned out to be pretty good,” he spilled. “You have to understand it gives a different image to your boat, but, of course, they cannot film all 18 episodes and just have quiet charters. Something has to happen.”

There have been many positive impacts on the yachting industry since the show took off as well, such as an increased interest in booking charters as well as an increase in applications from interested yachties.

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