Below Deck Star Says She Suffered a Major Injury in ‘Scary’ Yachting Incident

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Daisy Kelliher, chief stew on “Below Deck Sailing Yacht,” opened up about a scary accident she had while yachting that could have resulted in a very serious injury. During the April 23 episode of her video series “Pita Party” with season 2 star Alli Dore, Kelliher spoke about a back injury she suffered on her first-ever yachting season.

She explained that the boat set-up for crew quarters had a hatch with a ladder going down. “And you stood over and you stood next to the bulkhead,” she explained, “But the ladder kept going down into the laundry area. But you stopped halfway to walk into the crew area, it was a bit of a leap.”

She said one night, she was a little bit drunk but not too intoxicated. The chief stew explained that she said she was going down the ladder and “I think I missed and I fell back onto a bulkhead.” She explained that she was so winded afterward and just decided to go straight to bed but when she woke up, she could tell immediately that something wasn’t right.

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Kelliher Said She Couldn’t Walk the Next Day & a Doctor Told Her She Hit a Muscle

She explained that when she woke up the following day, she couldn’t move. She said she was “so scared” and she “couldn’t walk.” The Bravo star continued, “So I got a doctor. Anyway, it was so embarrassing because I got into bed [the night before] and I had been hooking up with this guy. And I was wearing granny panties and I’d put them on back to front.”

Kelliher said the doctor made her try to walk to determine how serious the injury was and she was “screaming crying” trying to move to walk but she was wearing only her t-shirt and her underwear. She laughed that she was apologizing for her “granny panties” while crying in pain. Kelliher explained what her injury ended up being:

I hit a muscle. And the nerves around the muscle contracted to protect the muscle. So that was the tension I was feeling and why I couldn’t walk because everything contracted. So luckily I didn’t cause permanent damage, I didn’t slip a disc.

Kelliher explained that she felt a lot of pain for the next couple of months but it eventually faded without causing lasting damage.

There Have Been Other Injuries This Season of ‘Below Deck Sailing Yacht’

“Below Deck” fans know that yachting comes with its fair share of risks and accidents do happen, with two injuries occurring so far just on this season of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht.” Just a few episodes ago, Gary King got his finger trapped in a sliding door when it slammed shut while under sail and he looked to be in a considerable amount of pain.

Fans will also remember a gruesome moment earlier in the season when chef Marcos Spaziani hit his head and took off a piece of his scalp. The chef was checked out by a doctor for a head injury but luckily the cut was superficial enough that he was able to remain on the boat and even finished the dinner for that evening.

In addition to those, viewers also saw both Kelsie Goglia and Ashley Marti fall from the top bunk onto the floor and while neither appeared to get an injury from their falls, the falls in their cramped cabins could have easily caused more serious injuries.

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