‘Summer House’ Star Hints at New Romance With Bravolebrity

Summer House cast

Heavy/NBCUniversal "Summer House" cast.

“Summer House” star Danielle Olivera revealed she made a connection at BravoCon.

During an appearance on “Watch What Happens Live” on November 15, 2023,  Olivera teased that she spent time with “Southern Hospitality” star Joe Bradley while at the Bravo fan fest in Las Vegas.  And the blooming Bravo friendship already has the seal of approval from Andy Cohen.

Here’s what you need to know:

Andy Cohen Put Danielle Olivera on the Spot on ‘Watch What Happens Live’


During Olivera’s post BravoCon appearance on “Watch What Happens Live, Cohen pointed out that Bradley was in the audience.

When speaking about rumors about “people getting together” at BravoCon, Cohen said, “And I heard something about you, Danielle, and I think it was reaffirmed tonight because Jokin’ Joe Bradley is here in the crowd. Right here. With Shanice [Henderson] from [‘Southern Charm Martha’s Vineyard’].”

Cohen then asked, “Danielle, have you and Jokin’ Joe Bradley been hanging out?”

Olivera carefully replied, “We had some fun in Vegas.” Bradley who works as VPI manager at Leva Bonaparte’s Republic bar, smiled nervously from the audience.

Cohen has played matchmaker in the past in the Bravoverse. Of a connection between Olivera and Bradley, he said, “I love it! These are two people that I love and root for. And so, I’m excited.”

Olivera and Bradley have not confirmed if they are an item, but they posed for a photo together at the Bravo Clubhouse.

On his Instagram story, Bradley shared a photo of Olivera’s dressing room door ahead of her appearance on “Watch What Happens Live.”  He tagged the photo with Olivera’s handle and “New York City-Manhattan, NYC.”

Danielle Olivera Hooked Up With Alex Propson While Filming ‘Winter House’

It has been a full year since Olivera broke up with her longtime boyfriend Robert Sieber. In an interview with the Daily Dish, she revealed she broke up with the chef in November 2022.

“Robert and I have parted ways,” Olivera said in 2023. “It happened right before Thanksgiving, and I do not recommend a breakup right before the holidays. It is heartbreaking. It sucks. But, there’s no animosity between us. It just wasn’t working out.”

“Both of our careers and our lives are stressful, [and] insane, and the relationship really took a hit,” she added. “We couldn’t communicate effectively, and we needed to find our own happiness, separately, unfortunately. I hope it’s for the best, but I can tell you right now, it feels really bad.”

By the time she filmed “Winter House” season 3 in March 2023, Olivera was ready to get her mojo back. The single “Summer House” star set her sights on “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” star Alex Propson for a hot tub hookup. “This could lead to absolutely nowhere,” Olivera said in a confessional. “I don’t really care either way. I just love that I know that I still got it.”

In November 2023, Olivera confirmed to Us Weekly  that her “Winter House” romance was just a “fun vacation hookup.”

“Vacation fun,” she reiterated, adding that Propson has an “adorable quality” about him. “You can’t be mad at him longer than two seconds, and I just need that,” the “Summer House” star explained.

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