Chef Dave White Addresses His Behavior on Below Deck Mediterranean

Dave White

Bravo Dave White

Dave White, the chef on “Below Deck Mediterranean” season 7, has made an impression on charter guests with his incredible cooking, but he’s also been embroiled in some crew drama thanks to his pre-existing relationship with chief stewardess Natasha Webb.

Webb explained in some confessional interviews that she cheated on her ex-boyfriend with White on their previous yacht before “Below Deck” but that she wanted to keep it a secret. Things came to a head after a crew night out when White sent Webb aggressive text messages and called her some names. After the episode aired, White told Decider, “Even though I was super upset, there’s no excuse for what I did. I feel like I need to apologize to everyone because the way I reacted was disgusting.” He also shared:

What I did and what I said were completely out of line. No matter how I much I felt ill-treated, I should have never sent her what I did. I’m absolutely gutted by my behavior and wish I could take it back.

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White Said He Hasn’t Watched the Episode But Wishes Things Had Gone Down Differently

White shared in his interview that he hasn’t watched the episode so even though he knows what happened, he doesn’t know how he came across. “Do I deserve a second chance?” he said. “I was out of order and it was the second time I slipped up. I was out of order with [deckhand] Jason [Gaskell] earlier in the season. So maybe I didn’t deserve the second chance.”

He said he worked really hard in the galley and was overall a “good crew member” but because he already got a second chance following his drama with Gaskell, “that might have been my third [chance].”

White told the publication that looking back, he and Webb should have been open about their situation from the start. He also said he wished that they had never met ahead of the show filming. “We probably would’ve met [on ‘Below Deck’] and started off with great chemistry,” he said. “Who knows how it would’ve ended. It’s obviously a shame how things are turning out right now.”

“Below Deck Mediterranean” alum Katie Flood commented on the situation recently and said while she couldn’t condone “a male speaking to a female like that,” she pointed out that White had publicly apologized and acknowledged his mistake. “This industry is f****** hard and our emotions really get the better of us and sometimes we act out in ways we shouldn’t but I will always respect someone that can own up to their mistakes and see that they were wrong.”

White Gave His Perspective on Working With Captain Sandy Yawn

During the same interview, White spoke about working with Captain Sandy Yawn, describing her as “awesome.” He said the longtime “Below Deck Med” captain was “brilliant” at management and he “love[s] her to bits.”

The chef added, “She understood me so well and I really respect that. She just let me get on with my job. There will be times during the season when you can see that she trusts us and will give us a second chance, even if we messed up. She doesn’t give up on people and that’s a real skill.”

In terms of Yawn’s decision to fire bosun Raygan Tyler, White said she was “so patient” with the situation and actually gave Tyler many chances. “They constantly communicated with each other, and in the end, Raygan just wasn’t ready to be a bosun,” White shared. “In my eyes, Sandy’s a hero for dealing with that situation so well.”

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