‘Vanderpump Rules’ Alum Dayna Kathan Shares Heartbreaking News

Dayna Kathan

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A former  “Vanderpump Rules”  star shared sad news with fans.

On June 6, 2023, Bravo alum Dayna Kathan revealed that her beloved black cat, Leo, died, after battling a heart ailment.

Kathan was a cast member of the  8th season of “Vanderpump Rules,” and her cat was seen on the show. The former SUR waitress has remained close friends with several cast members, and some of them were by her side after her longtime pet died.

Dayna Kathan Paid Tribute to Her Cat Leo on Instagram

Kathan has shared photos of Leo on social media in the past, but her latest post was a heartbreaker. Kathan shared a montage of photos that kicked off with a snap of her nuzzling her pet. She shared other photos of Leo solo and throwbacks from when he was a kitten jumping around on her couch. A final pic showed Leo sound asleep on Kathan’s chest. In the caption to the post, Kathan wrote that it was “with devastation beyond measure” that she had to reveal the passing of her sweet pet.

“Although only 6, he was recently diagnosed with an incurable heart condition,” she added. Kathan went on to say that Leo was her “first friend” when she moved to California and that he was much more than “just a cat.”

“Leo was my heart,” she wrote. “He brought me so much happiness in addition to supporting me during countless long hours of insomnia and chronic anxiety. he was smart, affectionate, fuzzy, clumsy, talkative, brave, inquisitive, hilarious and just the most special guy. one of one.”

Many of Kathan’s friends from “Vanderpump Rules” reacted to the sad post.

“Love you, love Leo. 🖤 best duo ever,”  wrote Katie Maloney.

“i love you sis. Leo was truly the only cat dog I ever loved. 🦋🖤 i’m so sorry,” added former co-star Kristen Doute.

“He was a dope a** sexy velvet cat 🖤 🦇 and lucky to have had you!” wrote Scheana Shay.

“I’m so so sorry Dayna 🤍,” added Charli Burnett.

Ariana Madix also replied to the post. “Leo is everything. truly one of a kind. i love you so much and your little bat 🦇,” she wrote to Kathan. Madix’s new flame, Daniel Wai,  also commented, “I’m sorry” to Kathan.

Madix knows firsthand the devastation of losing a  pet. In August 2022, while filming the 10th season of “Vanderpump Rules,” her 18-year-old dog, Charlotte York, died.

According to the Daily Mail, both Madix and Maloney went to Kathan’s house to comfort her following her loss, with Madix bringing flowers for her grieving friend.

Dayna Kathan’s Cat Was Part of a Famous “Vanderpump Rules” Scene

Kathan often photos of Leo on social media posted photos of Leo on social media, and she once revealed that he loved to take “park walks on his leash.”

The cat also appeared in scenes set in her apartment on “Vanderpump Rules” – including an iconic scene with Max Boyens, whom Kathan had been casually dating. When Kathan found out Boyens spent time with his ex-girlfriend, Kathan decided to end things with him. When she went to return a necklace that he had given her, she famously dipped it in the toilet and then ran it through Leo’s cat litter box before giving it back to him.

“This is Max’s, he’s cheating on me,” she said as Leo watched her bury the necklace in kitty litter.

“At least every time I see him at TomTom hitting on every girl and her mom, he’ll be wearing a poo necklace, and I just feel better about that,” Kathan later said in a confessional.

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