Below Deck Chef Reacts to Eddie Lucas Trashing Her

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Below Deck’s Chef Rachel Hargrove isn’t holding back when it comes to standing up for herself. Hargrove is responding to comments made by Bosun Eddie Lucas. Earlier in the season, the crew celebrated a successful charter by having a night out.

After a few drinks, Hargrove decided to get up from the crew’s table and talk to other guests at the restaurant. Lucas watched the episode and reacted to the scene and revealed he was disheartened by Hargrove’s behavior.

Lucas said to Bravo, “Crew nights out are supposed to be about the crew. Have some fun, have some drinks, come together as a crew. And it went fine at first but, then once enough of the sauce got into Rachel, she becomes a different person. It’s rude and classless.”

Hargrove admitted that she saw the comments just like everyone else, and she didn’t appreciate the negativity. “I was surprised with the comments I saw in like, the last episode,” she told E! “Why didn’t he just come and tell me, you know?”

She added, “Apparently, that didn’t happen. So, I got to find that out on the last episode,” the food expert continued. “I was all like, ‘Yeah. Ok. That’s cool.’ Oh, I’m ‘classless.’ I’m cool with that—everybody has moments.”

Hargrove Defended Her Decision to Temporarily Quit

As many Below Deck fans know, there’s rarely a dull moment with Hargrove onboard. Prior to one charter, Captain Lee Rosbach presented a more demanding preference sheet to the crew. The preference sheet mostly focused on specific demands towards the chef.

Hargrove became infuriated and said, “Eat my cooter” and “Go f*** yourself.” She then declared that the preference sheet was too ridiculous, and she decided to quit and leave the charter. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, with Captain Lee having no chef for the next charter. Luckily, Hargrove returned and pulled off successful meals.

When asked if she had any regrets about her reaction to the preference sheet, Hargrove told E! “no.” She then added, “In retrospect, knowing the guests themselves, they’re amazing. But, the sheet itself warranted that reaction … I’m gonna own that s***.”

Upon arriving back to the superyacht, Hargrove apologized to Captain Lee. “I’m sorry. I want to apologize and say that was super unprofessional, and I’m very, very sorry,” she told Captain Lee, per the Daily Dish. “There’s no disrespect to you. I actually love working with you and respect you as a person and a captain as well. And if it’s possible, may I come back and do this charter and do it successfully and do it with you guys?”

Hargrove Explained Her Comments Towards Captain Lee

When it came to the specific wording she said to Captain Lee, Hargrove explained she wasn’t directing them at Captain Lee. “If you listen to the actual footage, I’m not telling him to go ‘F’ himself,'” she told E! “‘Cause there’s a very background part you’ll hear, ‘Not you, I love you.'”

Hargrove added that the preference sheet came after a series of negative news, and her words were directed towards “the whole” situation. She added, “there was a lot that was happening that day” as she had just learned about COVID-19’s arriving in Italy, where her boyfriend was living at the time. She continued saying, “I would never tell Lee exactly himself to go f*** himself.”

Captain Lee has since elaborated on letting Hargrove back onboard, telling Bravo Insider, “A rock and a hard spot does not describe the spot we were in. I mean, we were like four hours from picking up, and I got nothing. So I’ve got a big problem. So I have to put a lot of things ahead of what maybe I would ordinarily do or what I might feel I want to do.”

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