EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Catching Up with Eddie Lucas From ‘Below Deck’

Eddie Lucas Below Deck

NBC Eddie Lucas on "Below Deck."

For those of you missing Eddie Lucas on Bravo, you’ve come to the right place. Lucas may no longer be on “Below Deck,” but he’s still working on the water, doing what he loves and continues to thrive. He’s fixing up his new home, enjoying life with his girlfriend and, most recently, he joined forces with the boating app Dockwa.

Beloved Lucas shared with Heavy some updates on his life, the rundown on Dockwa, what he learned from his time on Bravo and he even gave his fans a shout out below.

HEAVY: Fans have seen that you were a great bosun and mate on “Below Deck.” How have you been able to share some of that knowledge with Dockwa users?
Lucas: Well first off, I appreciate that people think I was a good bosun and mate on “Below Deck.” During my time on the show, I worked incredibly hard to ensure that I was the best crew mate possible and truly treated it like I would any other job – even though it was all on TV. The hard work and professionalism that I strived for on “Below Deck” is the result of many years working on or around the water, learning from other mariners. The tips and tricks I’ve picked up have come incredibly handy and now in my role as Digital Dockhand for Dockwa I’m able to share these skills with boaters of all levels, teaching and encouraging them as they navigate the journey of boat ownership. From docking in choppy waters and tying difficult boating knots, to tips on boating with pets, expect to hear it all from me over the coming months – I’m excited to share my love of boating!

HEAVY: I have to say the “No Regrets” area Dockwa has is an awesome idea. Can you tell me about how the idea for that came about? 
Buying a boat of your own is an exciting process, but it can also be a daunting task. While nothing beats the first year on the water after making your purchase, sometimes that unsettling feeling of “what did I get myself into” creeps into your mind. Dockwa’s “No Regrets” page was created for some light-hearted encouragement, reminding new boat owners that although boat ownership can have highs and lows, nothing is too challenging to navigate. Boat ownership is an amazing experience – it allows you to create memories with your friends and family that will last a lifetime. Plus, being on the water on your boat is awesome and you look cool doing it … sometimes people need to be reminded of that.

HEAVY: What would you say is the most important information you can get from Dockwa?
Dockwa is a free app and a really incredible tool for boaters that connects them to thousands of marinas across the country. What I love about Dockwa is that it relieves some of the stresses and hassles of booking a space at a marina when I’m out boating with friends or family. Instead of trying to search for a phone number to reach out to the marina, I can just pull up the Dockwa app and reserve my spot in a matter of minutes. Plus, now that we’re all navigating higher fuel costs, I can use Dockwa to find the best gas prices on the water and easily add the cost to fill up my boat to my credit card saved on the app.

HEAVY: You’ve always been a favorite on “Below Deck.” What did you learn from being on the show? 
Being on the show was a wild experience that taught me a lot professionally – from working with different marine systems, to dealing with challenging personalities, it was a very educational job to say the least. That said, I would say the most important thing I learned is that everyone makes mistakes, both professionally and personally, and that your mistakes do not define you. Instead, these mistakes mold you into a better mariner and person all around. So remember, if you make a costly mistake while boating, take your licks, learn from the experience and don’t make the same mistake twice.

HEAVY: In addition to your teaming up with Dockwa, what else have you been up to?
I have been very busy living in Baltimore, a city I love, and continue to drive tugboats for my job which has been challenging, but very rewarding. Outside of work I also bought my dream house and have been spending a good amount of time working to make it my own. A big part of making my new house a home was bringing some more life into it, so in March I got a new puppy, named Bert. Bert is a Fox Red English Lab and is the most wonderful and goofy boy. My girlfriend and I have really enjoyed training him and love him unconditionally, even when he doesn’t behave.

We’re so excited for this next chapter!

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