Eddie Lucas Makes Claims After Being Axed From Below Deck

Eddie Lucas

Bravo Eddie Lucas's Below Deck season 9 cast photo

The 9th season of “Below Deck” finished airing this year and the network announced on May 12 that the series had been renewed for another season, according to E! News. The 10th season will be without one familiar face, however, as longtime cast member Eddie Lucas revealed this week that he had been cut from the show.

“I was not invited back to do another season,” Lucas shared in an interview with The New York Post. “I actually didn’t even get a phone call from them saying they hired someone else — which kind of goes to show what the production entails. Everyone on ‘Below Deck’ is expendable.”

The former bosun turned first officer went on to reveal some interesting information about the network and the cast’s pay. Lucas was one of the OG cast members of the “Below Deck” franchise, beginning as a deckhand on season 1 before returning as a bosun for seasons 2 and 3. After taking a long break, Lucas made his return for season 8, where he was promoted to first officer.

It seems as though after a difficult 9th season for the franchise, Lucas won’t be back but he told the Post that he hasn’t closed the door on a possible return in the future.

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Lucas Criticized the Pay That ‘Below Deck’ Stars Receive & Shaded the ‘Housewives’ Franchises

In his Post interview, Lucas shaded some of the aspects of the network and other franchises when he brought up the cast’s pay. He said, “There is somebody monetizing off of the show, but it’s definitely not us.” The first officer said, “‘Below Deck’ — regardless of it being the most popular show on Bravo — we are the lowest-paid cast members.”

He explained that it felt “frustrating” watching other Bravo stars make “millions” even though the crew members on the “Below Deck” shows have to work hard while filming and also get specialized licenses. He said:

While we do get paid better than a normal yachtie, of course, we are still not getting paid what people like the ‘Housewives’ are making, which is a little frustrating, because they’re not really working — they’re just going out to dinner and fighting.

Lucas Said He Just Bought a House With His Girlfriend & He’s Happy to Focus on His Family

Despite not being asked back for season 10, Lucas has a lot going on right now as he and his girlfriend Natalie Inada just bought a house and are settling down, the Post reported.

The “Below Deck” star told the publication, “The goal has always been to settle down, put some roots down, buy a house. But it’s been difficult to be able to try and do that and for a lot of people my age and my generation, with housing prices the way they are, student loan debt at an all-time high, it is difficult.”

He shared that the yachting industry helped him reach some of his financial goals but he still has to pay off some student loans. He said the house was a dream house so they went above and beyond to acquire it, sharing that he was “pretty aggressive in my offer in buying the house because the market is just wild. It’s so crazy.”

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