EXCLUSIVE: Captain Lee Rosbach Thinks ‘There Is a Price to Be Paid by Being in the Spotlight’

Captain Lee Rosbach

Bravo Captain Lee Rosbach on Below Deck.

Captain Lee Rosbach reflects on his time on “Below Deck” and the perks and downfalls to fame.

In an exclusive interview with Heavy, Captain Lee Rosbach talks about his time on “Below Deck” and ventures into other Bravo universes.

Here’s what you need to know:

Captain Lee Rosbach Reflects on His Years as Captain on ‘Below Deck’ Saying ‘There Is a Price to Be Paid by Being in the Spotlight’

Reality TV isn’t always glamourous, as many Bravolebrities have found out.

Rosbach is aware of this but found a way to spin his time in the public eye, for good.

“When you look at the totality of everything over the years, there is a price to be paid by being in the spotlight, but it’s all worth it. It has given me a platform to be myself and help other people along the way,” he told Heavy.

Rosbach has used his fame to campaign in Washington in order to shed light on the opioid crisis and even announced he’d been opening a rehab at sea program to honor his late son, Joshua Lee Rosbach

“No one ever prepares you for what will happen to your life, and it will certainly never be the same,” he told Heavy. “The biggest perk thus far is certainly having gained a platform to speak about causes that I care about, plus access to doors that would normally not be open. It’s up to me to figure out how to use my platform and do good with it, and I’d like to use it to make an impact on people in a positive way.”

Captain Lee Rosbach Thinks Ramona Singer Would Make the Worst Yachtie & Bethenny Frankel Would Be the Best

One of the jobs of a Captain on a yacht is to oversee the crew. So it’s only natural to wonder how stars from other hit Bravo shows might fare in the various jobs on board.

“Worst: Ramona Singer,” Rosbach said when asked which Real Housewives star would make the worst crew member. “Best: Bethenny Frankel. I think she would make a great Chief Stew.”

Both women hail from the “Real Housewives of New York” franchise, with Singer appearing on the show for seasons 1 through 13 and Frankel appearing on seasons 1 through 3 and again from seasons 7 through 11.

Another topic of discussion was how he might fare on another Bravo show, and when asked where he’d like to end up, in an alternate universe, he steered clear of the Housewives franchise, instead, going for the younger crowd.

“’Summer House’ or ‘Southern Charm,'” he said. “I really value the friendships I have with a lot of the ‘Southern Charm’ cast, but I enjoy the concepts of both shows.”

Last season Rosbach almost didn’t make it to filming. He was delayed due to medical issues but credits his return to the show as the best moment of the season.

“I think the best part of the season was coming back to the boat and my crew, albeit late, but coming back just felt right,” he said. “And when you’re just where you should be, it just feels great. When you have the best job in the world, what else is there to say?”

On that note, Rosbach also revealed what he likes to do when the day is over and can finally relax.

“After the boat is cleared, I like to make myself a BACARDÍ Spiced drink and sit in the Jacuzzi. I find this calming after a long day’s work,” he told Heavy. “The spiced flavor is incredibly smooth, so you can have it mixed or neat. I prefer neat. If something is good, why screw it up? However, since it can be enjoyed either way, it’s a nice spirit to have around, whether I’m sipping solo or having a cocktail with my fellow crew members. There’s really something for everyone with BACARDÍ Spiced.”

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