Fans Trash Below Deck’s Captain Sandy & Praise Captain Lee

Captain Lee Rosbach

NBCUMV Captain Lee Rosbach

Below Deck fans know that while crew members come and go, the two captains have stayed steady. Captain Lee Rosbach typically runs the Below Deck crew, while Captain Sandy Yawn takes over the Below Deck Mediterranean group. The two captains have different leadership styles, and it looks like fans are preferring one over the other.

On last season of Below Deck Med, Captain Sandy received backlash for firing Chief Stewardess Hannah Ferrier. Captain Sandy found out Ferrier had unregistered Valium and a vape pen onboard. Bosun Malia White discovered the drugs and sent a photo to Captain Sandy, and she let Ferrier go shortly after.

One user tweeted, “I am so disappointed in Malia and Captain Sandy. Malia should be fired for going into your Purse and taking pictures of the contents then sharing them with the captain that is a violation of your right to privacy.”

Shortly after the Below Deck Med season ended, a new Below Deck season with Captain Lee began. One Below Deck fan tweeted, “He’s [Captain Lee] awesome! There needs to be more Captain’s like him…..and less Sandy’s in the Med Grinning face with smiling eyes Just saying! It’s been nice not having to see Sandy or Malia these days.”

Fans Seem to Prefer Captain Lee Over Captain Sandy

When it comes to fans’ preferences for one or the other, fans seem to love Captain Lee. One user tweeted, “Captain Lee is so gracious with the guests and so respectful of the crew. What a role model.”

Another added, “Notice how captain lee didn’t absolutely smother the crew during dinner service and trusted that they would figure things out ? Take note captain smother-me Sandy.” No crew is perfect, and this season, Captain Lee has an inexperienced deckhand Shane Coppersmith.

A fan noted how Captain Lee hasn’t fired Coopersmith yet, and Captain Sandy fired three of her crew members last season. The user tweeted, “Seriously… People thought Sandy was forgiving but she’s just incompetent with the ability to play favorites. Captain Lee hasn’t fired Shane yet… that’s forgiveness!”

Another fan agreed tweeting, “If you want to learn how to be a good manager, just do the opposite of whatever Captain Sandy does. Fire someone mid charter and then expect him to work at his best? Can’t stand her.”

During the latest episode, Chef Rachel Hargrove was running late with a meal, so Captain Lee chatted with the guests to avoid them getting impatient. “Captain Lee is amazing (per usual), stalling the guests for as long as he can,” one fan tweeted. “Sandy would be standing in the kitchen, staring Rachel down & doing everything she could to make her feel like she was the worst chef to ever work on a super yacht. (AKA everything wrong.)”

Fans Have Called for Captain Sandy to Be Fired

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time fans have been upset with Captain Sandy. Shortly after Captain Sandy dismissed Hannah Ferrier, Below Deck Mediterranean fans are called for Bravo to fire both Captain Sandy and Bosun Malia White. “She backpedaled, took no accountability for her own actions,” one user tweeted about Captain Sandy.

Fans accused Captain Sandy of playing favorites and firing Ferrier, because she didn’t like the former Chief Stewardess. “Sandy made it out like Hannah was a drug addict,” one user tweeted. “It’s clear she has anxiety, and it’s clear that she was prescribed the Valium…Sandy just wanted her gone.”

Another added, “So let me get this straight you don’t want a stew taking Valium in case there is an emergency and she has to get up quickly in case the boat is sinking but it’s perfectly ok for everyone to go out drinking heavily until 4am u think they’re capable of helping?”

While many fans may not love Captain Sandy, they asserted their love for Captain Lee. One user tweeted, “Omg she must be fired captain lee is the best!” Another added, “I think Sandy better take lessons from captain Lee. Time for Sandy to leave!”

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