Former ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Explains Why She Called Out Newest Cast Member

Brittany Cartwright

Heavy Brittany Cartwright called out a former co-star.

“Vanderpump Rules”  alum Brittany Cartwright revealed why she named cast member Charli Burnett as someone who should “rot in hell.”

The surprising comment came during Cartwright’s appearance on “Watch What Happens Live “ in March 2023. While playing a game of “Truth or Drink,” Cartwright was asked to name one current “Vanderpump Rules” cast member, other than Tom Sandoval, whom she’d most want to tell to “rot in hell.”

“Oh my goodness. I mean there’s not anybody who I don’t like, love,” she replied. “But I don’t know Charli whatsoever. I don’t know her from Adam, so…”

Cohen pointed out that Burnett “came at” Cartwright’s husband, Jax Taylor, at their last “Vanderpump Rules” reunion. “Yes, so she would be the…yeah, there you go,” Cartwright said.

During the debut episode of Cartwright and Taylor’s  “When Reality Hits With Jax & Brittany” podcast on March 28, 2023, Cartwright explained why Burnett’s name popped into her head.

“I don’t even not like her or anything, I literally just, like, said that because I was like who else am I supposed to say?” she explained to Taylor. “Like, I just didn’t know who to say. So that was the only thing that came to my mind because I don’t even know the girl and she kind of went after you that one season at the reunion. But it’s so long ago I don’t even care about that anymore.”

Cartwright admitted that looking back, she should have named someone else from the show amid the headline-making cheating scandal between Tom Sandoval and Raquel Leviss.

“Whenever I watched it back I was like ‘Wait, why didn’t I say Raquel, her and Sandoval are the ones who did all this?’….. It kind of went over my head,” Cartwright admitted.

Cartwright is known for her “rot in hell” phrase. In a famous “Vanderpump Rules” scene, she told her future husband Taylor to “rot in hell” after he admitted to cheating on her with co-star Faith Stowers.

Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Explained That the Questions Come Fast on “Watch What Happens Live”

On the new podcast, Taylor noted that on “Watch What Happens Live,” the questions come at a fast pace and that it’s sometimes hard to answer on the spot.

“You’re asked questions so fast by the time like you’re like in the middle of answering one of his questions he’s already lined up with another question,” Taylor said of host Andy Cohen. “So it’s like back to back to back then it goes to commercial break, then it has a little game and this and that. So it goes by so fast.”

“Everyone’s like ‘you talk so fast,'” he continued. “It’s because I have a lot to say about a topic and I want to make sure I get as much information out there as possible. So it’s kind of like I have to talk fast. … Just because you don’t have the time, and like, just wanting to get it all out. You don’t want it be like ‘Oh I should’ve said this.’”

“And then you forget what you say like right away,” Cartwright added.

“Every time I leave a talk show or whatever I’m like ‘Damn I should’ve said this or I should’ve said that. I’m like “Why do I always think about it afterward,”  Taylor added.

“Yeah, same,“ Cartwright agreed.

Charli Burnett Roasted Jax Taylor at the “Vanderpump Rules” Season 8 Reunion

Charli Burnett

BravoCharli Burnett of Vanderpump Rules.

While she regrets saying Burnett should “rot in hell,” Cartwright did have a reason to name her. When Burnett joined the cast of “Vanderpump Rules” in season 8,  she slammed Taylor by calling him a “50-year-old” bully. “I don’t even know this like, 50-year-old man,” she said during the virtual reunion. “He’s retired and done and wrapped,” she added.

Taylor warned the VPR newbie to, “Know your role!” He later took to Twitter to write, “I’ve had one conversation with this child in my life, so It’s not worth my time.”

During a June 2020 episode of the “Vanderpump Rules Aftershow,” Burnett complained about Taylor once again. “All of those people, the OGs, the old grandpas, have blocked me on social media but yet drag me and talk about me nonstop,” she said, adding that Taylor, 43, is “closer to” her dad’s age than her age, which is now 26. She also accused the married former SUR bartender of wanting to sleep with her.

“It’s like the guy in high school who bullied you because he couldn’t be with you,” Burnett claimed of Taylor. “That’s what’s happening here. And it’s like, dude, you have a great wife.”

She also called the “Vanderpump Rules” OG a moron.

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