Did Fredrik Eklund Leave MDLNY? Is He on Both Million Dollar Listing Shows?

NBCUMV Fredrik Eklund

A new cast member but familiar face is shaking up the “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” squad.

Fredrik Eklund – who also stars on “Million Dollar Listing New York” – seems to be adjusting well to his bicoastal life. Last season, the MDLNY real estate agent teased that he’d be moving to L.A. and joining the real estate world there, in addition to NYC.

Some MDL agents have crossed over from east to west coast, but Eklund is the first one to star as an official cast member on both series. The 43-year-old revealed that the decision didn’t come without its challenges.

“I filmed BOTH shows, NY and LA, and it wasn’t easy but I’m so grateful to be able to let the cameras in on the good, bad and ugly of working bicoastal and ruffle feathers of brokers everywhere,” he told People earlier this year in March.

He added, “Especially traveling back and forth was tricky because of the lockdowns and we covered that too — my frustration and learning patience, which isn’t one of my strengths.”

Eklund Gets Into His Fair Share of Drama

Just when the L.A. agents were getting into the swing of things, Eklund comes ready to mark his territory. At the end of last season, Josh Altman and Eklund confronted each other about their past and talked about their future working together. It may have ended well, but it may not last.

Altman tells Eklund in the trailer, “It was embarrassing for me to try to stand up for you.” But MDLNY fans know that Eklund is not one to back down. “I think you think it’s bulls*** that I’m getting any kind of recognition,” he fires back to Altman. But Altman isn’t the only one Eklund butts heads with.

“Tracy and I specifically — I don’t want to give away too much — but we have a very, very large fight, like major,” he told Entertainment Tonight on September 2. “But we love each other so much. I really can say that. And we are also very close, and we work it out, and I have no idea how that’s going to be portrayed or received by the audience … I have no idea, but it was a lot of tears on both of us. And it was very, very deep. And I’m excited to see that.”

He also teased a fight between James Harris and David Parnes and himself. “There’s a major fight between me and the Brits — like major,” he shared. “There’s a major, major huge fight with the Altmans, like, that goes on multiple episodes. The only one I didn’t fight with was Flagg. And I love him, like how can you fight with Flagg? I mean, really.”

Eklund Recently Stirred the Pot

The cameras may be down, but the drama hasn’t stopped. Eklund recently found himself in an MDLLA takedown via Instagram on August 31. Josh Flagg posted about a major milestone that he decided to leave Rodeo Realty after ten years and join Douglas Elliman.

Flagg shared the announcement on Instagram, and all was not what it seemed. Eklund commented, “This makes me so happy,” with a heart emoji, but Flagg wasn’t buying it. He replied in a series of comments, as captured by @CommentsByBravo, “shut up” and “phony.” Altman supported his once rival telling Eklund, “too bad some selfish loser spoiled the surprise.”

Tracy Tutor also chimed in on team Flagg. She commented, “wonder what pr person it could be,” with a bunch of suspicious emojis. Flagg ended the conversation writing to Eklund, “yea it’s amazing. Must have been someone with a super small d***…But good thing is the truth always comes out and we already know what happened. Right Fred? The truth always comes out!”

MDLLA season 13 premieres Thursday, September 2nd at 8pm ET/PT with a 90-minute episode on Bravo. Due to the timing of filming, fans can expect the new season to look like old seasons, with broker parties, open houses, and more.

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