What Happened Between Gary King and Ashley Marti on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gary King Ashley Marti

Bravo Gary King and Ashley Marti

This week’s episode of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” season 3 was a major one for the Parsifal III crew as it saw a lot of issues between cast members brought to light. One storyline that dominated the crew’s discussions on their day off from charter was what happened between stewardess Ashley Marti and first officer Gary King.

Marti made it no secret throughout the first half of the season that she was attracted to King, making remarks like “This whole Gabriela [Barragan], Gary situation is f****** frustrating. Like, I could’ve f****** Gary already. I could’ve done it already.” She then said, “Whatever, Gabriela. I don’t usually lose, so good luck.” The first officer, on the other hand, was clear from the onset that he wasn’t looking to get involved with a crew member right off the back of his love triangle in season 2.

During the April 25 episode, the cast went out for a crew night off and many of them got drunk. Upon returning to the yacht, King said “I might vomit I’m so f*****,” but decided to get into the hot tub along with Marti. While chief engineer Colin MacRae and second stewardess Barragan chatted some distance away, Marti and King flirted in the hot tub and the stewardess started giving King a foot massage.

MacRae and Barragan watched the two and the engineer remarked that “Ashley is f****** desperate for Gary,” and that it’s “out of control” and Barragan replied, “It’s a game for her. She said that with her own mouth to me in those words.” Marti leaned in for a kiss with King and he turned his head away but then the two eventually made out and Marti began straddling him in the hot tub. King and Marti then went downstairs to one of the guest cabins where things escalated.

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Bravo Aired the Audio With Subtitles of King & Marti’s Time in the Guest Cabin

Marti and King went downstairs into one of the guest cabins and the subsequent events were captured only on audio, with a camera filming the empty corridor and closed door. The audio captured King saying, “Well, you said you were going to massage me. That’s what I came down here for.” Marti replied, “I am massaging you. I’m just so sorry I took my shirt off … I want you to f*** me.”

King replied with what sounded like a bit of slurring, “Oh yeah? Go on then. Go on then.” He then said, “I thought I was getting a friendly massage.” Marti laughed, “You’re f****** inside of me right now. We’re way past that.” The first officer responded that he wanted to stop, saying, “Okay, get it out… Okay we’re not having sex, we’re not having sex.”

Marti responded, “It’s already in!” while King said twice, “no, no.” The camera then showed King leaving the cabin and walking unsteadily back to his own room. He told his roommates MacRae and chef Marcos Spaziani, “I don’t know how to deal with this. I was getting a massage, and then I turned around, and she’s stark as.” He said, “I couldn’t help myself either, I’m like, ‘I thought I came down here for a massage!’ She’s like, ‘You’re half naked.’ I’m like, ‘I’ve got my pants on,'” he explained.

King Revealed the Following Day That He Didn’t Remember Anything From That Evening

The following day, Marti came into King’s cabin and he told her that he didn’t remember what happened between the two and thought he went straight to bed after their dinner. During a confessional, producers asked King if he “had sex with Ashley” and he replied with bemusement, “I remember her giving me a massage and I thought we fell asleep.”

Before heading out on their crew day off, King told Marti, “I think if this is gonna happen again, let’s try not be that drunk because I want to be able to remember it and enjoy it.”

The topic was raised again at the villa where the crew was hanging out for the day as Marti told King that she had performed oral sex on him. In a confessional, she said, “I don’t understand how you can have no recollection whatsoever. Normally, everybody’s just f****** obsessed with me!”

King confided in chief stew Daisy Kelliher that he didn’t remember any of the events of the night before saying, “She said today that she gave me a b******. And then we f***** and I didn’t remember because we were too drunk… I was white girl wasted last night. That’s not nice. That’s not attractive at all. Who would want to have sex with me on a normal basis, let alone when I’m paralytically f*****?”

The crew eventually moved on from the topic but from the mid-season trailer, it seems as though it will come up again in the future. None of the cast members have addressed what happened between Marti and King since the episode aired, although a lot of the show’s fans have been asking questions about the encounter.

Heavy reached out to Bravo, King and Marti for comment.

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