Gary King Breaks Silence Over Ashley Marti Incident on Below Deck Sailing Yacht

Gary King

Bravo Gary King on Below Deck Sailing Yacht season 3

“Below Deck Sailing Yacht” returned on May 9 after a one-week hiatus but fans have continued to discuss an incident that occurred on the last episode before the break, “Villa Today, Gone Tomorrow.” During that episode, third stew Ashley Marti and first officer Gary King went into one of the guest cabins and the audio picked up their encounter.

Afterward, fans were very critical of the scene, with many taking to social media to argue that King was too inebriated to consent to sex. After the May 9 episode dropped, King addressed what happened on the “Beneath the Surface” podcast hosted by his co-star Daisy Kelliher and former co-star Alli Dore.

Dore asked if he wanted to make a comment but made it clear he didn’t have to speak on it if he didn’t want to. “I don’t know how really to comment on that cause I was receiving a lot of messages and they were saying quite bad things about Ashley,” King began a bit hesitantly.

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King Said He Appreciated the Support From Fans But Believed It Was Blown Out of Proportion

King told Dore and Kelliher, “The only thing I can say I guess is that it wasn’t the first time that we hooked up. I would have wished I wasn’t that drunk but I think people are making a bigger deal out of it than it was. So thanks everyone for caring, I do appreciate that but I do think people have blown it out of proportion.”

King also explained that when he saw the hate Marti was getting, he messaged her to see if she was doing okay and she told him that she could handle the “trolls.” The first officer said he understood what fans were saying about what would have happened if the roles were reversed but concluded:

I don’t think you guys should all worry about it, thanks for your concern but you’re making a bigger deal out of it than it really was.

King Was Very Critical of Marti’s Persistence in Pursuing Him & Called Her ‘Desperate’

Although King indicated that he reached out to Marti after the episode aired, he did make it clear at several points in the podcast episode that he’s not a fan of the third stew and unfollowed her on Instagram. Just two minutes into the episode, he joked, “What’s that chick’s name that we worked with again? On the show? That I unfollowed… Ashley, that’s it!”

Kelliher asked King who he has a worse relationship with between Marti and Sydney Zaruba, the deckhand he was briefly involved with in season 2 of “Below Deck Sailing Yacht.” King replied, “To be honest, I quite like Sydney and I thought she was a great worker.”

King said he found it humorous that Marti kept “complaining about age” but described her as “an 11-year-old girl seeing the first guy at the party she wanted to kiss and then just f****** attack.” Dore asked King how he felt about Marti’s approach toward him because she seemed “obsessed” about hooking up with him. King said he didn’t really enjoy the “forwardness” and “persistence” of Marti and added:

Well I think her ways in trying to seduce a man are not very good I think what she wants she’ll get. I think she’s been a spoiled girl pretty much her whole life so she’s always got what she wanted. And yeah it’s a little bit cringe. She’s a little bit desperate.

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