Below Deck Captain Responds to Claims the Show Is Scripted

Below Deck season 9

Bravo Below Deck season 9

The last charter guests on “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” caused a lot of problems for the crew and one of the primaries, Charles “Chuck” Sanders, was particularly critical of the food. After the episode aired, fans blasted Sanders and his wife Erica Rose, and the crew was also very open about how negative the experience was.

Captain Glenn Shephard even stated in an Instagram comment, “I hope to never see Erica, Her Mother and Charles again, I doubt they’d want to come back.” In the past couple of weeks, Sanders made some comments about his behavior on the boat and he claimed that he was acting over-the-top on purpose.

In one Instagram comment, Rose said, “Remember it’s a TV show at the end of the day. And sometimes the chefs are encouraged to do certain things.” Sanders went even further and wrote, “That scene I scripted with the producers like four times.” However, Captain Glenn just shot down any claims that the show is scripted, and even Sanders walked back his comment.

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Shephard Said Production Wasn’t Involved in Sanders’ Comments & Sanders Later Said He Acted Alone

Glenn Shephard Facebook

FacebookComments on Facebook from Captain Glenn Shephard

The beloved “Below Deck Sailing Yacht” captain addressed Sanders’ claims that he was acting in a couple of Instagram comments after the episode. In one comment, Shephard wrote, “The production people don’t tell them what to say or do, it’s against their principles, but I think he was trying to create drama on his own.”

He said while it was difficult to accept such a small tip from the difficult charter guests, the crew just accepted that it was a valuable experience and “moved on.” He wrote, “Our biggest best tip was seeing them walking down the passerelle. Mind you the other three with them were very cool people.” The other charter guests distanced themselves from Rose and Sanders during the charter and afterward.

Sanders later backtracked on his claim that he scripted his complaints with producers. In a lengthy Instagram Live, he said, “a part of me was acting but a part of me wasn’t… nobody asked me, nobody asked me to do anything, and I decided that I was gonna do the most dramatic thing possible.” He explained that he spent a few days thinking about what he could say to cause a huge stir. He went on to apologize and asked fans not to blame Rose or send hurtful messages.

Shephard Also Cleared Up Some Facts About the Low Tip From the Charter Guests

Sanders and Rose also got a lot of heat for leaving only a $6500 tip, which was the lowest in the show’s history. On “Another Below Deck Podcast,” Rose explained that the tip was so low because the other charter guests refused to contribute toward the amount. “The whole group is responsible for tipping,” she said. “We had to pick up the slack for everyone else because no one else tipped.”

According to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, the other charter guests called out Rose for lying about the tip. Janelle Flatt showed a text message exchange that showed her asking Rose how much was expected as a tip, with Rose’s response reading, “Our price includes tip! We can bring cash and tip extra if we want.”

Recently, Shephard wrote in a Facebook comment that Rose and Sanders, as the primary guests, were the ones responsible for the tip: “It is customary for the primary guests to take care of the crew gratuity rather than insisting that their invited guests pitch in. If primary guests can’t afford to take care of the crew, who work very hard, then maybe they should consider chartering a smaller more affordable boat.” His comment was shared on one of the charter guests’ Instagram:

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