‘Southern Hospitality’ Star Lashes Out: ‘Give Us a Break’

Southern Hospitality cast

Bravo Southern Hospitality cast

The inaugural season of “Southern Hospitality” is heating up, with cast members Grace Lilly and Mikel Simmons finding themselves at the center of most of the drama so far.

In the latest episode, the cast’s trip to Norman Lake, North Carolina, saw Lilly come under fire from co-stars for some of her comments but she wasn’t happy that others didn’t get called out for their own possible missteps. “I swear @iammikelsimmons & I are the only ones on this show held accountable for our actions,” she tweeted during the episode. “Give us a damn break. None of us are perfect.”

Lilly’s co-star Mia Alario chimed in on Twitter, replying, “i literally said ‘cut her some slack’ on the boat but ok!” Lilly acknowledged it and said she appreciated it, but then added, “It got worse and worse throughout the night. Things were said I didn’t say, and things that were actually said by others that were down right awful and extremely hurtful. I never got an apology.”

She added that she’d taken responsibility for what she said, mainly the comments about Alario’s friend, and said she apologized. “All I’m asking is accountability on all ends,” she concluded. In another tweet, she said, “I can own up to my bad behavior and apologize for it but some others cannot..”

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Grace Lilly Said the Trip Was ‘One of the Worst’ in Her Life & Called an Unnamed Co-Star ‘Fake’

Lilly tweeted several more times during the episode to give her perspective on the situation. One fan wrote, “Sooo according to TJ [Dinch], Grace Lilly makes them all look bad, yet it’s crickets when Emmy [Sharrett] indulges in subpar behavior. Is this bc Emmy has someone else to defend her and Grace is an easier target?” Lilly replied to the comment thanking the person for understanding.

“A lot happened that trip more than what was shown,” she added, saying that it was “one of the worst trips of my life.” Elsewhere, she said she was really tempted to spill everything she knew about the trip, and Simmons agreed with her that he felt the same. The same day, Lilly wrote, “Being nice to me and then liking all those disgustingly mean tweets about me is the definition of immature and fake!”

She didn’t reveal who she was talking about, but some fans wondered if it was Alario since her liked tweets included several very critical tweets about Lilly.

During the Episode, the Cast Partied at the Lake But Leva Bonaparte Wasn’t Too Happy About Their Social Media Posts

The latest “Southern Hospitality” episode featured the second half of the cast’s trip to Lake Norman. The cast members spent the day on a party boat, but Lilly was feeling down because she’d found out that a guy she liked was dating Alario’s friend. While venting about it, Lilly called Alario’s friend a “s***,” which prompted the Republic staff to slam Lilly for her language.

Lilly eventually apologized to Alario but the fight was reignited later that night when she said Alario’s friend would be dating someone new within the week. Lilly also yelled at her co-stars and accused them of “bullying” her.

The episode ended after the cast members returned to Charleston and were called into boss Leva Bonaparte’s office for a talking-to about their social media activity. Viewers will have to wait and see what happens next as Bonaparte threatened to fire some of them.

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