Why Did Hannah Berner & Luke Gulbranson Break Up?

NBCUMV Luke Gulbranson and Hannah Berner began dating on last season of Summer House.

Summer House romances and flings are never easy. During season four of Summer House, fans watched Hannah Berner and Luke Gulbranson flirt nonstop for over two months. Berner – caught between her New York City almost-boyfriend and fun flirt Gulbranson – ultimately decided to end the summer with Gulbranson.

After the 2019 summer ended, Berner and Gulbranson kept in touch and even saw each other, “every single day in November,” Berner revealed on the Summer House reunion in May 2020. But the couple didn’t last. On the reunion, the two explained that they are no longer dating.

“I feel like things kind of trailed off,” Gulbranson shared. “But not trailed off in a bad way. She didn’t come to Minnesota [to visit his family], but that doesn’t mean that she won’t ever come to Minnesota. I’d love to have her come to Minnesota. I love Hannah and I genuinely care a lot about her.”

Both Berner and Gulbranson explained that they do love each other, but neither are in love with the other. “I think there’s a difference between chemistry and compatibility,” Berner said on the Summer House reunion. “He wanted to like, talk all the time on the phone and FaceTime and hangout and not have sex, and I can only do that for so long. I think ultimately, I got a little bored and now…I love him, I care about him, I think he’s a great person, but I don’t think I could trust him as boyfriend material.”

Berner & Gulbranson’s Relationship Didn’t Totally End Before Summer 2020

Both Berner and Gulbranson appeared to have a clean breakup prior to the Summer House reunion in May 2020, but things get complicated living in the same house for six weeks. Rather than vacationing to the Hamptons every weekend for the summer, the ten housemates spent six weeks together working, drinking, and partying.

The new season of Summer House premieres Thursday, February 4 at 9 p.m. EST on Bravo, and fans will see Berner and Gulbranson’s relationship unfold. In a preview for the upcoming season, Berner and Gulbranson appear to try and relive their summer fling from the year before.

But things get complicated when a new housemate, Ciara Miller, joins the house for the summer. Gulbranson admits that Miller is someone from his past, and Berner doesn’t seem to appreciate their relationship. “We dated for seven months, and you f***ing rub her in my face and make me feel bad,” Berner screams at Gulbranson in the season five trailer.

Gulbranson fires back, “I don’t know what world you’re living in, but it’s not reality.” Miller also chimes in telling Gulbranson, “Dude you’re texting Hannah too at like midnight and eleven o’clock,” and he replies, “Ya know, we talk.”

Gulbranson May Strike up a Romance With Another Summer House Cast Member

In a trailer for the upcoming season, Gulbranson looks to be flirting with fellow cast member Lindsay Hubbard. The season five trailer shows Hubbard going to Gulbranson’s room for a hug, the doors close, and kissing noises start to emerge.

If Gulbranson were to hookup with Hubbard, the romance would cause major drama in the house. Not only did he previously dated Hubbard’s close friend Berner for seven months, but he also has a fling with new housemate Miller. “Lindsay already f***ed Luke,” Berner says in the trailer.

Season five will feature Gulbranson attempting to navigate the ladies of the house, but Berner assures fans that their relationship will come to a head. “Everything gets answered, don’t worry,” Berner told Entertainment Tonight in September 2020 after wrapping the season. “Maybe they’ll be happy for me once they learn more about Des [Berner’s new boyfriend].”

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