EXCLUSIVE: Hannah Berner Gives Details on Her Wedding & Comedy Tour

Hananh Berner

Photographer:Brendan Wixted Styling: Britt Theodora Hair: David Cruz Makeup: Amanda Thesen

Hannah Berner is living her best life, post-Bravo.

Reality TV fans got to know the former competitive tennis player during her three seasons on Bravo’s “Summer House.” Berner announced her exit from the Hamptons-based reality show in 2021, but she has been booked and busy ever since.

In addition to her popular podcasts “Giggly Squad” and “Berning in Hell,” Berner, 30, performs stand-up comedy shows all across the country. Most recently, she married her longtime love, Irish comedian Des Bishop, in a Bravolebrity-filled ceremony on a Hamptons beach on May 13. (Stars from “Summer House,” “Southern Charm,” “Vanderpump Rules” and “Shahs of Sunset” all made the guest list!)

Heavy caught up with Berner to get the details on her wedding and what she has been up to since leaving “Summer House”—and to find out what’s next on her bucket list.

Hannah Berner

Photographer:Brendan WixtedStyling: Britt Theodora, Hair: David Cruz, Makeup: Amanda Thesen

HEAVY: Hi Hannah! We’d love to hear all about your wedding. But first, let’s talk about your stand-up comedy career. How did it come about?

Hannah Berner: I actually never planned on being a standup. I never manifested it. I never had an artsy vision board about it. I knew that I loved being creative, performing, and making people laugh. I was a tennis player in college, then did cold-calling sales and marketing, but I didn’t feel fulfilled. I finally got a job making funny videos and writing tweets for a media company and I actually started to love going to work. Coincidentally, I also started dating a standup and subconsciously fell in love with the New York City comedy scene, the community, and the lifestyle of podcasting during the day and performing at night. I was asked to do a live show for my podcast “Berning In Hell” at Carolines in NYC and my friend dared me to open with 10 minutes of standup. I took all my favorite tweets and put together a set and the first time I did comedy was in front of 300 people. It was my favorite part of the show and I was hooked.

HEAVY: When did you first know you wanted to be a professional comedian?

HB: I wish I listened to my gut at a younger age but I thought I would never make money trying to be a performer. Turns out, if you love something and are passionate about it, that’s what you will be the most successful at. I’ve always gravitated toward funny people, but I didn’t know I could be a comedian until I started posting funny videos on social media and people were like “omg I’m dead this is so funny!”

HEAVY: You’ve performed at some of the most prestigious comedy clubs in NYC, L.A., and across the country. What has it been like for you as a female in the male-dominated stand-up comedy world? 

HB: There are definitely moments where you feel like you’re in a boys club but I grew up playing sports so I’m used to being in male-dominated spaces. I love representing women on stage and inspiring more women to embrace their sense of humor. I think that women dominate meme culture online so I think it’s only natural that we start seeing more and more women doing stand up. There are some obstacles, such as traveling alone and going out late at night that can be more unsafe for women, but utilizing social media and live performances together I think is the key for this next generation of female comics.

HEAVY: Do you have any more shows coming up, and if you hit the road again, will Des join you?

HB: I am! I’m going back to my alma mate in Madison, Wisconsin so I’m excited to have some cheese curds. I also have shows coming up in L.A., Tacoma, Seattle, New York, and Massachusetts. I update them every week at hannahberner.com. Des is currently doing a one-man show called “Mia Mamma” but when he’s free I like to surprise the audience and have him do a set.

HEAVY: Tell us how your relationship with Des started. Were you ever concerned with the age gap between you?

HB: Around 6 years ago, when I was still in marketing, I saw him perform at the Comedy Cellar in NYC and I was smitten with him. Unfortunately, he lived in Ireland at the time and was just visiting so I figured it wouldn’t ever work out. Fast forward to the pandemic, he came back from Ireland and was quarantined in Long Island, where I conveniently was making TikToks in my parent’s house. He DMed me on Instagram to get coffee in Sag Harbor and we never stopped talking since that day. He was the first guy I ever dated in his 40s but I highly recommend it. He was confident, didn’t want to play games, knew what he wanted, and I loved his perspective on life.

HEAVY: OK, your wedding! Tell us about the planning process. Were you ever a Bridezilla or was it easy?

HB: So I started the planning process very casual. I joked that I wanted a garage wedding, I wanted it chill and laid back. Then I had a meeting with my amazing wedding planner, Amanda Savory, and got on Wedding TikTok and decided I wanted a Beach Disco Garden Tulum Vintage Hamptons aesthetic and we nailed it. Fortunately, my wedding planner and vendors were amazing, and having my best friends and family made it all go surprisingly smooth.

HEAVY: OK, also, can you spill the beans? What did you whisper to Paige DeSorbo right before you did the bridal bouquet toss?

HB: We had talked about on “Giggly Squad” how we are going to cheat to make sure that she get the bouquet so I whispered a play in her ear like I was a quarterback and told her I was going to throw it short to the right, and she has incredible hand-eye coordination to we executed it perfectly.


HEAVY: Tell us what you don’t like about the “old-school traditions” of marriage. What will you and Des do differently?

HB: I don’t love the old school tradition that my father (who is my best friend) is handing me off for another man to take care of me. We are two individuals who have chosen to be partners in our lives and I believe in that balance. It’s only natural that traditions evolve from how they were in the early 1900s when women didn’t have rights.

HEAVY: What are your plans for this summer?

HB: I’m back on tour! I will be in Madison, Tacoma, Portland, Los Angeles, and more cities that I update on hannahberner.com. I’m working towards a comedy special so I will be performing as much as possible. I love going to new cities and meeting people who enjoy my content. I also will spend some time in Westhampton to relax with our senior pitbull, Romeo!

HEAVY:  Thank you, Hannah! Best of luck to you!

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