EXCLUSIVE: Catching Up With ‘Married To Medicine’ Star Dr. Jackie Walters

Dr. Jackie Walters

Volition Beauty Dr. Jackie Walters

Since “Married to Medicine” first premiered in 2013, Dr. Jackie Walters has always been a fan favorite and a staple on the show. The OB/GYN and two-time breast cancer survivor never holds back, and always keeps it real, especially when it comes to working with her fellow costars and even her patients.

Recently, Heavy caught up with Walters over email to hear more about her experience filming this season of “Married to Medicine,” the upcoming reunion, and her exciting new partnership with Volition Beauty as she launches her Skin Rhythm Balancing & Clearing Serum.

HEAVY: What was the hardest part about filming for this season of “Married to Medicine,” with the pandemic and everything that came along with that?

Walters: The hardest part about filming during the pandemic is trying to wear a mask during filming and social distancing.

HEAVY: How did filming for the reunion go? Can you tell us anything about that, anything viewers can expect?

Walters: Whew, there were a lot of dissecting parts this season and in our typical “Married to Medicine reunion style” (called code blue), we had to put some relationships on life-support while others were resuscitated back to life.

HEAVY: I’d love to hear more about your new product with Volition, and what led you to work with them.

Walters: As a doctor, I am always seeking out ways to improve upon patient’s lives and help address their concerns. Many of my patients are dealing with hormonal changes in their skin, which leads to blemishes.  I wanted to recommend a formula to them that would be effective, but free of parabens and other potentially harmful ingredients. Volition is known to be one of the cleanest, yet effective skincare lines on the market, so I knew they would be a great partner to help bring this formula to life. The Skin Rhythm Balancing & Clearing Serum we created is the perfect solution for women of all ages with hormonal imbalances or hyperpigmentation issues. 

HEAVY: Have any of your “Married to Med” costars tried this product?

Walters: Yes, they have! 

HEAVY: What do they think about it?

Walters: I only gave them the serum at the reunion so it has not been long enough to actually get a fair assessment.

HEAVY: What skin issues were you really looking to address when you made this product?

Walters: When it comes to hormonal imbalances, there are several different types of conditions that can impact your skin. On one end you have menopause, which slows collagen production and can lead to dry skin, whereas on the other side of the spectrum, I have patients with conditions like PCOS which increases oil/sebum production and can lead to acne. Women, especially women of color, also deal with hyperpigmentation and dark spots, so when I set out to create this product with Volition, I wanted to target all of these skin concerns in one formula that would be suitable for women of all ages. 

HEAVY: Do you have any advice for women who are struggling with their skin right now? 

Walters: Yes! My advice to women struggling with their skin right now is to make sure you wash your face at least twice a day with mild cleanser, use moisturizer, exfoliate your skin, wear SPF, take your makeup off daily, drink lots water, use the right products for your skin type, and get appropriate rest.

Viewers can catch part one of the “Married To Medicine” season eight reunion on Sunday, June 27, at 9/8c p.m on Bravo.

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