Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Ripped for Their Appearance at Hometown Club

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Getty Brittany Cartwright Jax Taylor 9

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright went to Kentucky for the holidays, and they made a pitstop at a local club for a very important cause.

On December 23, the former “Vanderpump Rules” stars were special guests at a fundraiser that took place near Brittany’s hometown. The event, held at Clubhouse Lexington, was touted as an “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party” to help raise money for tornado victims in Kentucky.

But on social media, some fans roasted the pair for looking like an old married couple as they headlined the gala. Jax and Brittany tied the knot at Kentucky Castle in 2019, just over a year before they both exited “Vanderpump Rules.”

Jax & Brittany Were Roasted on Reddit

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

GettyJax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Several photos from Jax and Brittany’s clubhouse appearance made the rounds on their Instagram stories and on social media. But one photo from the meet and greet caught the eye of fans who wondered if the two missed the memo about how to dress.

In the pic, a distracted Jax and Brittany were very casually dressed – him in a “Little Nero’s Pizza” sweatshirt (which is a reference from the movie “Home Alone”), and her in a gray sweater that was not very Christmaslike – as they posed alongside a fan. Some Redditors commented that it looked like the fan was the star and that Jax and Brittany were two fans meeting her.

You can see the photo here.

In a series of comments posted on the social media site, fans ripped Jax and Brittany for taking the “ugly sweater” idea to a new level. They also accused the couple of only attending the event to get paid, although it is unclear if Jax and Brittany charged a fee to appear at the club.

“I’m shook at their outfit choices for a club appearance, like what??” one Redditor wrote.

When another noted that Jax and Brittany “don’t look like two people showing up for a paid appearance,” another replied, “Right? It’s like they were on their way to their weekly date night of a movie and Chipotle’s and decided to stop and take a picture with the girl in the middle.”

“They both look like a very old married couple trying to be cool again… They gave zero f***s about what they looked like at this point they are just clawing for money,” another added.

“This is disgusting,” another chimed in. “They put no effort into this, all while people are paying to have a photo with them. This shows they never cared about their fans, they cared about the money.”

“This was an ugly sweater party, apparently, neither of them even bothered to wear one,” another Redditor wrote. “They look like frumpy parents here who didn’t make an effort to even try to look like they’re at a club. The fact that Brittany can’t be bothered to put her phone down and Jax can’t even look at the camera makes this seem extremely phoned in and low effort.. … I’d be super pissed to have these dips***s fly out and paid for an appearance, and really hopes they weren’t paid THAT much and that it mostly went to the charity.”

Jax & Brittany Were Also Ripped for the Event’s Promo Poster


It seems that Jax and Brittany can’t do anything right when it comes to some fans of their former show. Ahead of the charity night, some social media followers ripped the two after seeing the venue’s promotional poster that advertised their appearance at the fundraiser.

Some commenters took issue with the promo picture which appeared to have been taken several years ago at an event during the couple’s “Vanderpump Rules” heyday. Some jokesters even called the poster a “catfish.”

But others showed support for the couple.

“I think u both look AMAZING no matter what u wear,” one fan wrote on Instagram. “U should put your next pic of u in your birthday suits so they can really run their mouth!!!”

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Crystal Burke
Crystal Burke
11 months ago

Who cares what they are wearing. Are y’all jealous 5that you weren’t there? Geez!

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