Jax Taylor & Brittany Cartwright Open Up About Missing Out On ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Filming

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

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Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright made a return to TV—sort of. The former “Vanderpump Rules” stars sat down for their first television interview since welcoming their son, Cruz Michael Cauchi, in April.

In an interview with E! News Daily Pop, the couple, who announced their exit from the Bravo reality show last December, had very different takes on no longer being on the cast.

Of not filming during her pregnancy or during her new chapter as a mom, Cartwright told E!  she definitely has a fear of missing out on certain events with her friends who are still on the show.

“It is kind of crazy that this is such a huge milestone and it’s not on camera because our wedding was,” she said. “And Jax has been on there for like 10 years so it is kind of crazy. I do have FOMO if I see pictures of everybody together and stuff, but at the same time I don’t have to leave my baby to go film so…it’s like a win/win situation, but it’s also kind of sad at times.”

Taylor chimed in to make it clear that he has no fear of missing out on anything going on with Bravo show he starred in for eight seasons.

“I’m not sad at all,” Taylor said. “I would love to film this but I don’t miss that at all. It was a blessing.”

Cartwright made similar comments about “Vanderpump Rules” in June during an Instagram Q & A with fans.

“I miss it sometimes,” she said of “Vanderpump Rules” filming. “I miss it the most when whenever I see pictures of all of my friends together and I’m not there with them because normally I would be, so stuff like that is hard,” she said. “But you know, we still get to hang out on weekends and stuff so it’s fun.”

And on the Daddy Issues podcast, Taylor said, “The only thing I’m gonna miss about [Vanderpump Rules] is the paycheck.”

Cartwright and Taylor Revealed They Rarely Leave Their Son

Cartwright and Taylor have been spending all of their time with their son since his birth. Cartwright told E! that she can’t even remember her life before her son was in it.

“He’s only three months old and it feels like he’s always been here,” Cartwright said.

“We’ve only left him once,” Taylor added. “With her mom. This [interview] is the second time we’ve left him. I’m still not comfortable yet getting a babysitter.”

Cartwright agreed, sayings he doesn’t want a babysitter yet either because her son is her “little angel.”

The couple also revealed they have a routine when it comes to taking care of their baby.

“So I do the night stuff, I wake up with him all through the night. And then [Jax] will take him in the morning so I can sleep in a  little bit,” Cartwright said.

“I get the 6 am until whenever-she-feels-like-getting-up shift,” Taylor added. “And it works out perfect. I like getting up early, she’s not really a morning person so it’s great.”

Taylor said he goes downstairs in the early morning, makes coffee, and watches TV with the baby. The couple then switches off throughout the day. Taylor joked that they have perfected the tag-teaming and that they will write a baby book next.

Cartwright & Taylor Probably Would Have Had to Leave Their Son Had They Stayed on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Because There Are Strict Filming Guidelines for Babies

Cartwright expressed concern over leaving her baby to film, and it turns out she may have been right.

On a recent episode of “The Morning Toast” podcast, fellow new mom Lala Kent revealed that strict filming guidelines are in place for the newborn babies on the show, her daughter Ocean Kent Emmett and Scheana Shay’s daughter, Summer Moon Davies, who were both born around the same time Crux Cauchi was.

“In the state of California you can only film a baby of my baby’s age and Scheana’s baby’s age for 20 minutes, and then they’ve got to go bye-bye,” Kent said on the podcast. “And they have to have a teacher and also a nurse on location. So if those people aren’t available, the babies can’t make an appearance at all.”

Kent admitted that she doesn’t know how much of the two new babies will be seen in the upcoming season of “Vanderpump Rules.” The new mom was probably required to film her scenes even if her baby couldn’t be on camera.

“Vanderpump Rules” wrapped filming for its ninth season over the weekend after shooting scenes at an engagement party for James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss at the Sunstone Winery near Santa Barbara.

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