Fans Concerned for Cruz’s Safety After Seeing a Photo Shared by Jax Taylor

Jax Taylor.

Getty Images Jax Taylor gets ripped on Reddit.

Jax Taylor was the subject of yet another Reddit thread after he shared photos of his 1-year-old son Cruz on set for his first official acting project. Although Taylor didn’t share any details of what Cruz may have been hired to do, it seems like he may have taken part in his mom’s latest television spot for Jenny Craig, as she was filming the same day.

The former “Vanderpump Rules” star shared several behind-the-scenes photos and videos on his Instagram Stories, clearly appreciative of his son getting an opportunity to do something so fun at such a young age.

Fans took to a Reddit thread to discuss Cruz’s new gig and the conversation quickly took a turn when fans noticed something concerning in Taylor’s photo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Several Fans Felt That Cruz Was Not Properly Strapped in His Carseat

One of the last photos that Taylor shared from the day’s events showed a snoozing Cruz sitting in a carseat. While Taylor thought the photo of his son was adorable, several people took to Reddit to bash him for not having Cruz secured properly.

Cruz was slouched down a bit, fast asleep, and the buckle was not taut across his chest. Instead, there was some lag and the buckle portion sat lower than the standard requirement.

“Not Jax posting a pic of his kid improperly strapped in a carseat,” one person commented on the thread.

“Ugh that stresses me out so much!! If they get in a rollover accident he will just fall right out,” someone else added.

“That baby would be ejected so fast. Ugh. IT’S NOT THAT HARD!!” a third person wrote.

“Jax and Brit, if you lurk here… Your son is improperly strapped in. The chest buckle should be where his nipples are, not on his belly. His straps should fit snug enough that you cannot pinch it between your fingers, his straps are falling off of his shoulders,” another comment read.

Several ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Also Criticized Taylor & Cartwright for Putting Their Son to Work

While Cruz’s time on set seemed short — and was likely easy work for a toddler — Reddit filled up with messages criticizing both Taylor and Cartwright for getting their son a job at such a young age.

“The sad thing is he could probably do guest appearances at bars serving drinks or something to actually bring in some income instead of engaging in child labor. I mean some people might show up, right? Certainly not me but…” one critical comment read.

“Wow they really are pimping this kid out aren’t they. So gross,” another person wrote.

“Imagine knowing how much hollywood f**** people over, esp kids, and still forcing yours to be apart of it,” a third Redditor added.

“I can’t stand these has beens trying to squeeze the last bit of Hollywood and fame. And now at the sake of their child. So do Brat and Jax actually work or just counting on their child getting famous and making money for them?” someone else asked.

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Tracy Custer
Tracy Custer
2 months ago

There are 1000s of babies and children on TV every day, from diaper ads, infant formula ads baby food ads, Disney channel, soap operas, movies to St Judes Children’s Hospital, mind your business, raise your own children, IF you don’t want kids on TV don’t put YOUR kid on TV… letting them know that the car set needs an adjustment is one thing but voicing your opinions on what choices they make in their family about their own child is no one’s concern.

Erin Tanner
Erin Tanner
2 months ago
Reply to  Tracy Custer

Could not agree more!!! Well said!

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