Brittany Cartwright Admits Her Husband’s Manager Took Away His Twitter Access

Jax Taylor

Getty Images Jax Taylor was locked out of Twitter by his manager.

Brittany Cartwright spilled some tea while chatting with her pal Scheana Shay. Cartwright made an appearance on Shay’s “Scheananigans” podcast to talk about everything from her weight loss to her husband.

Although she’s no longer on “Vanderpump Rules,” Cartwright is still very much a topic of conversation amongst fans of the Bravo show — as is her husband, Jax Taylor. On the July 1, 2022, episode of Shay’s podcast, Cartwright discussed the one thing that many fans are curious about; her and Taylor’s rift with Stassi Schroeder and Beau Clark.

In talking about what’s going on between the couples, Cartwright made it clear that she doesn’t hold the same opinions as her husband. “I feel like people, like if Jax does something, or like Jax’s past or whatever, they automatically assume that I’m like that or like, I agree with those things or something like that. And I’m like, just because we’re married doesn’t mean I do the exact same things,” Cartwright said.

Here’s what you need to know:

Cartwright Said That Taylor Is ‘Outspoken’

Cartwright went on to say that she loves Taylor “to death,” but they are not the same, especially when it comes to how they react to things.

“He’s just always been that outspoken person and I’m just not really like that. You know? I’d rather just let it be and let it go,” Cartwright said, adding, “Jax has gotta be rage texting as soon as he sees something. Unfollowing people left and right.”

Cartwright said that Taylor goes “all out” and she often tells him to “just stop.”

“I don’t even know what he says on Twitter,” Cartwright said. She admitted that she hasn’t been “on Twitter in ages.”

The former reality star has been known to unfollow or block people, which even spawned an Instagram account called Blocked_By_Jax. During the podcast, Shay actually said that she was recently refollowed by Taylor.

Cartwright Revealed That Taylor Was ‘Locked Out’ of Twitter by His Manager

Many “Vanderpump Rules” fans know that Taylor doesn’t hold back on social media — and while his wife tends to stay quiet when things arise, Taylor often sounds off.

On the podcast, Shay actually brought up that Taylor was locked out of Twitter by his manager, Lori Krebs.

“Didn’t his manager make him change his password and then didn’t give him the password or something?” Shay asked.

“Yeah. Lori locked him out for a while,” Cartwright confirmed. She didn’t elaborate or say when Krebs locked Taylor out of his account — or how long he didn’t have access. Cartwright did reiterate that she and Taylor are not the same person and don’t hold the same opinions on things, despite what people might think.

“I think that that might be something, you know, it’s like, I don’t always have to agree with everything just because we’re together. So. And just because he did things in his past, why does that affect me? It’s so weird. Whatever. I just try to be a good person,” Cartwright concluded.

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