Jax Taylor Confuses Fans With Post About His Mom

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Jax Taylor and his wife Brittany Cartwright recently spent time in Florida, but it sounds like they skipped a visit with a family member who lives in the Sunshine State.

In early April, the former “Vanderpump Rules” star and his family traveled to St. Pete Beach for a wedding. During the trip, Taylor posted a photo to Twitter that showed his 1-year-old son, Cruz, sitting on top of his shoulders.

“Been waiting my whole life to do this…. I miss you mom and dad,” Taylor captioned the pic.

Taylor’s father, Ronald Cauchi, passed away from cancer in 2017, according to E! News.  The former Bravo star has long been estranged from his mother, Marie, who lives in Florida.

Fans Reacted to Jax Taylor’s Twitter Post

Many fans were confused by Taylor’s post, because it insinuated that he lost both of his parents.

A Reddit thread noted that “Jax’s mom is still alive & lives 1 hour north of where he took this picture.” Jax’s mom owns the Bloom Again Salon and Spa in Duniden, Florida, which is less than 30 miles from St. Pete Beach.

Following his post, fans wanted to know the status of Taylor’s relationship with his mother years after publicly talking about their estrangement on “Vanderpump Rules.”

“Are u okay with your mom?” one fan tweeted.

“Hope your mom has met your little handsome jr. Jax,” another wrote.

“Appreciation of your parents kicks in when you become a parent,” another tweeted. “Hope you and your mom are good Grand babies need their grandma & vice versa.”

But another follower asked Taylor, “If you miss your mom why don’t you go visit her?”

“This is f***king WEIRD!” another agreed. “GO F***ING SEE HER! He likely wouldn’t regret visiting her but I can pretty much guarantee he’d regret not going once it’s too late.”

Some fans defended Taylor.

“Maybe – this is his way of reaching out,” a Redditor wrote. “You can miss someone and still not be ready to resume a traditional relationship with them. I elect to take the positive. He is expressing to his mom she matters to him. And that parenting his child makes him love and miss her more.”

And others said they could sympathize with Taylor’s plight, despite not knowing all of the details surrounding his estrangement from his mom.

“There does come a point where you can’t let that person keep hurting you, and your children,” a commenter wrote. “When there is zero benefit from all the trying and lots of hurt.”

Jax Taylor Talked About His Estrangement From His Mother on ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Jax Taylor, Vanderpump Rules

Bravo – Screenshot of ClipJax Taylor and his mother Marie Cauchi have had a rocky relationship since his father died in 2017.“Vanderpump Rules” fans know some of the background behind the Cauchi family feud. According to Us Weekly, Taylor became upset with his mother for not telling him what stage his father’s cancer was and for not disclosing that he was in the ICU at the hospital shortly before he died.

On “Vanderpump Rules,” Taylor revealed that he and his sister Jenny both stopped communicating with their mom shortly after their father’s passing. Taylor has said he is resentful that he was unable to properly say goodbye to his dad.

Taylor did not invite his mother to his 2019 wedding. In 2020, he tweeted that he was “sure” she was doing well. “My father was set up pretty well, and she has no mortgage and owns her own business,” he wrote of his mom. “None of my family speaks to her, so I am not sure. It’s a really rough and complicated situation.”

Taylor also told fans that he has “no regrets” about not inviting his mother to his wedding.

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