Jax Taylor Shares What He Didn’t Expect About Contacting His Mother Again

Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2023.

Charles Sykes/Bravo Brittany Cartwright and Jax Taylor on "Watch What Happens Live" in 2023.

“Vanderpump Rules” alum Jax Taylor, who left the series in 2020, spoke about his relationship with his estranged mother, Marie Cauchi, on the May 26 episode of his former castmate, Scheana Shay’s podcast, “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay,” alongside his wife, Brittany Cartwright. He stated that he has been slowly attempting to reconnect with his mother for the sake of his and Cartwright’s son, Cruz, 2. Taylor also said he did not expect how his mother has replied to his text messages.

According to BravoTV.com, Taylor shared he ceased contact with his mother after his father, Ronald Cauchi, died in 2017. In “Vanderpump Rules” season 7, episode 10, the father of one stated that while he was once “very close to [his] mom,” he refrained from communicating with her after “[his] father [Ronald Cauchi] passed [in December 2017].”  The “Vanderpump Rules” alum claimed that his mother did not inform him and his sister, Jenny Lynn Cauchi, about the severity of his father’s condition while battling esophageal cancer before his passing. He stated that he “didn’t know he was in ICU” and was not “able to say goodbye to [his] dad.”

In the “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” episode, Taylor stated that Shay and her mother, Erika van Olphen, who is friends with Marie Cauchi, encouraged him to reconnect with his mother in February 2023. He said he “decided to reach out to her” and has texted her pictures of Cruz. 

“I just thought for my son, it is the right thing to do, to reach out to her. I would just kick myself if something happened to her and he got older and said ‘Did you try? Did you put an effort in? You know, I know you guys didn’t have a great relationship but for me, did you try.’ And if I didn’t do anything, I probably would have been — I know I would be so upset,” said Taylor. 

He also stated that his mother has written brief messages in response to Taylor’s texts. 

“I’m a little shocked about her replies right now because they are very short and they are very – I didn’t expect that, I, honestly, expected like a little bit more of a, you know, ‘I miss you’ kind of thing, but again, I don’t know where she is and where she stands, I’ve only gone off with what [Shay’s] mom has told me, and I’m doing the best I can. I have made my effort. And I have posted the pictures and that’s where we are at right now,” said Taylor. 

The reality television personality also stated that he had to inform his sister, his godmother, and other family members that he was communicating with his mother. He said that they “all came into agreement, especially [his] sister” that they would cease contact with her.

“I needed to say ‘hey, listen, I’m in a different place now with my son, if it was just you and I, then I would keep going on with life and let it go, but the fact that I have a son now and this is her grandson, I feel like I need to at least update her on his life, [and] some pictures,’” stated Taylor. 

Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor Revealed His Mother Was Sending Cruz Gifts 

While recording the “Scheananigans with Scheana Shay” episode, Cartwright revealed that Taylor’s mother sent “a cool present for Cruz’s birthday” in April 2023. 

“She sent Ron – his dad Ron — one of his, like, zipper sweatshirts that he would wear all the time, she made it into a pillow, and it said something like ‘Everytime you hold this near, you know that I am here,’” said Cartwright. 

Taylor also shared that Cruz has been receiving “books and a toy every month” from his mother. Cartwright stated that she and Taylor were previously unaware that the gifts were from Marie Cauchi. 

“She has been sending things before they even talked so that was really sweet to find out because I was like, in my mind because of how close I am with my mom, and how much my mom loves Cruz, like, it’s always like I couldn’t imagine not being a part of his life,” said Cartwright. 

Jax Taylor Spoke About Possibly Returning to ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Taylor spoke about potentially returning to “Vanderpump Rules” in a May 2023 appearance on Heather McDonald’s podcast, “Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald.” He stated that he would “have to discuss it with people.” He explained that he is “in such a different place right now” than how he was when he starred in the Bravo series. He also noted that if he was to “dive back into this, [he would] have to make sure that it makes sense for [him], [his] family, [and] [his] friends.” The 43-year-old stated that he “had to repair a lot of friendships” with his former castmates after he left the Bravo series after its eighth season. 

“I’m so happy. I have a beautiful wife, I have a beautiful child, we’re just so good right now, things are so great. I don’t know if I want to disrupt that … I haven’t felt this good about myself in so long. I haven’t. I’ve always had these demons on my shoulder all the time,” said Taylor. 

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