Jax Taylor Gives Major Family Update

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright

Heavy/Getty Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright.

Jax Taylor gave a major update on his family situation. During a March 22, 2023 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live,” the former “Vanderpump Rules” star revealed that he has reached out to his mom, Marie Cauchi, amid their years-long estrangement.

During the show, Bravo host Andy Cohen asked, “Jax, how’s your relationship with your mom these days?”

“It’s funny you say that because, as we know, I stopped speaking to my mother after my father’s funeral, right?” Taylor replied. “I recently texted her, what, two weeks ago?”

Taylor’s wife, Brittany Cartwright, chimed in to confirm that Taylor texted his mother with pictures of their 1-year-old son, Cruz.

“Literally two weeks ago,” Taylor said. “But we haven’t spoken since our marriage, since our son [was born]. So, it’s starting. I would have felt bad if Cruz got older and said ‘Dad did you try? Did you try to reach out to your mom’? I would have kicked myself if I didn’t do it.”

Jax Taylor Stopped Speaking to His Mom Not Long After His Father’s Death in 2017


In 2017, Taylor’s father, Ronald Cauchi, passed away from stage IV esophageal cancer, according to E! News.  It was the circumstances surrounding his father’s death that spawned Taylor’s estrangement from his mother.

According to Us Weekly, Taylor admitted that he was resentful toward his mom because he was not given the opportunity to properly say goodbye to his father before he died in a Florida hospital. “I used to be very close to my mom,” he said on a 2018 episode of “Vanderpump Rules.” “We really haven’t communicated in the last six months, pretty much since my father passed. …Toward the end, my mom would say, ‘Oh, he’s fine.’ We didn’t know he was in ICU. I would have been there in a heartbeat if I knew he was in ICU. I  should have been able to say goodbye to my dad.”

Taylor and Cartwright did not invite Marie Cauchi to their 2019 wedding. In 2020, Taylor took to Twitter to explain that he didn’t want a repeat of the awkward family dynamic that took place at his sister Jenny’s wedding a year prior. “None of my family speaks to her,” he wrote of his mom. “It’s a really rough and complicated situation.”

“I didn’t want to have any issues,”  Taylor added. “I did what was best for myself and my wife, I didn’t want her perfect day ruined. … It’s my life at the end of the day and I have no regrets.”

When Taylor and Cartwright welcomed their first child, a baby boy named Cruz, in 2021, they did not reach out to the new grandmother. Cruz will turn two on April 12, 2023.

Jax Taylor Said His Family Has a History of Estrangement

During a 2020 appearance on the “Vanderpump Rules Aftershow,” Taylor claimed that his mother said some unforgivable things at his sister’s wedding. According to BravoTV.com, Taylor’s sister, Jenny, married her husband Patrick in May, 2018 in Michigan, just five months after their father’s passing.

On the Aftershow, Taylor claimed his mother said some hurtful, “below-the-belt type of stuff” to him on that day. “Things that you really can’t come back from,” he said, per Reality Blurb. “Pulling my wife aside at my sister’s wedding and saying things to her [like] run away,” he added.

Taylor also noted that family feuds are nothing new in his clan. “My mother didn’t speak to her mother for 30 years and her mother didn’t speak to her mother for like 20 years,” he said. “This is like, a thing.”

According to People, Taylor’s former SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump did try to convince him to reconcile with his mom before he had children. “Is she going to miss out on everything?” Vanderpump asked of the Cauchi matriarch. “To me, that’s very sad.”

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