‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fan Tells Jax Taylor His Teeth ‘Look Like Crap’

Jax Taylor.

Getty Images Jax Taylor's teeth dragged on social media.

Jax Taylor interacted with some of his fans on Instagram following a dentist appointment.

On July 26, 2022, the former “Vanderpump Rules” star had to go to the dentist. Taylor told his followers that he needed to have a root canal. He shared a video from inside his dentist’s office before his procedure.

After his appointment, he did an Instagram Live from his car and answered a bunch of fan questions. He let everyone know that his root canal went fine, though he really doesn’t like the feeling of the roots being pulled out of his mouth, even though he was numbed up. From there, Taylor kept the Instagram interaction going.

Here’s what you need to know:

Taylor Responded to Someone Who Said His Teeth ‘Look Like Crap’

After he got home, he decided to put up a question box on his Instagram Stories to answer more questions from his followers.

One person criticized Taylor’s teeth and suggested he do Invisalign — and he responded.

“Why don’t you get Invisalign? If your teeth are so important to your bottom teeth look like crap,” someone wrote.

“Well, aren’t you just a ray of sunshine, lady. You must be perfect. It must be nice. But, I appreciate it. Yes, I know my bottom teeth are messed up. I tried Invisalign. I don’t like it. Don’t worry, I’ll take care of it. But thank you so much for being so kind,” Taylor responded.

Later on in the Q&A, someone brought up the original question.

“I am sorry there are idiots out there making fun of your teeth. Your [sic] a handsome man and that’s it,” the person wrote.

“Aw, it’s all good. It’s teeth. Nobody’s perfect. I guess there is a lot of perfect people out there. People who critique people, I guess. Must be nice to be perfect, but I am far from perfect, especially my teeth. I definitely need to get them fixed, but I can’t wait. Gettin’ them fixed,” Taylor said.

Taylor’s Teeth Were the Subject of a Reddit Thread in 2021

Taylor is working to fix his teeth though he said he doesn’t want them “too perfect” because then they don’t look right. However, some people have been paying attention to Taylor’s mouth and, in 2021, several Redditors took to the platform after noticing something “afoot.”

One Reddit user took a screenshot of Taylor and shared it on the platform for others to weigh in. Many people noticed that Taylor’s bottom teeth appeared broken and/or chipped.

“I couldn’t get a good screenshot but they look like they’re breaking yet still attached,” one person commented.

“This continues to foment my theory that jax has dentures or implants. His jaw and teeth have been looking so weird during quarantine,” someone else wrote.

“i’ve been noticing this! did he get veneers taken off or something? i don’t remember his teeth ever being this jagged- admittedly never paid too much attention but feel i would notice this,” a third comment read.

As Taylor said on July 26, 2022, he’s on top of it.


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