WATCH: Jax Taylor Shades Tom Sandoval in ‘Unhinged’ Cameo

Getty Images Jax Taylor's Cameo goes viral.

Jax Taylor of “Vanderpump Rules” fame has teamed up with Cameo to send fans messages on special occasions — or for no occasion at all — for a price.

Someone who received a Cameo from Jax on her birthday decided to share the video on Reddit, and it has since gone viral. In the video, which the original poster called “unhinged,” Jax wishes a woman named Mya a happy 26th birthday. Straight away, he admits that he “smoked a fat joint” before filming.

“I apologize. Well, I don’t really apologize. I have a kid, I’m stressed out. Tired all the time. And I want to smoke a joint. I’m in my backyard. Chillin. That’s what life’s about,” Jax said into the camera.

Here’s what you need to know:

Jax Suggested That the Drama on ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Is Just for TV & Threw Shade at Tom Sandoval

In Jax’s 4.5 minute Cameo, he stresses that reality television isn’t real life — and suggested that the drama on “Vanderpump Rules” isn’t actually real — which is something that he has expressed in the past.

Jax took a moment to thank Mya for being a fan of the show. “It’s been a lot of fun. A lot of ups, a lot of downs. I’m sure there were times you wanted to throw things at the TV at me, and…say Jax you’re an idiot, Jax you’re a douchebag,” he continued.

“Keep in mind you are watching a reality TV show. We do what we gotta do to keep the show interesting, so we get paid. That’s our job. It’s not [to] sit around and braid each other’s hair. It’s not crazy. I don’t think all of us would still all be friends if we acted the way we actually do on TV. I mean, that would be kinda weird. So, keep that in mind when you’re watching reruns. Don’t be too mean to me. I’m doing my job, and I do it f****** well,” Jax added.

Jax then doubles down on his comments, making sure that he gets his point across. “We are not actors,” he said, before taking a shot at his former BFF Tom Sandoval. “Even though Tom Sandoval thinks he’s an actor,” he said.

Jax Teased That He & Brittany Cartwright ‘Will Be Back on TV Again Soon’

Jax acknowledged that he and his wife, Brittany Cartwright, are no longer on “Vanderpump Rules,” saying that they made the decision to leave the show. His reason? He’s 42-years-old, and didn’t want to have “fake” interactions with people half his age.

However, Jax did confirm that he and Brittany will be back on television, though it’s unclear if they already have something in the works.

“We will be back on TV again soon. My wife and I are just trying to figure out what we’re going to do. Have a little fun… Maybe get the old gang back together and figure out a new project because we need to get back on TV,” Jax said. “We miss you guys, and we want to let you guys know what’s going on in our lives. So, we’ll be back,” he added.

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Curt Conn
Curt Conn
1 month ago

LMGAO Typical Jax and so unprofessional. Getting high before posting this shit video. They were fired from the show and not left voluntarily. He is nothing but a lying, cheating, thieve narcissist. I hope Brittany finally wises up and leaves his ass. She deserves and can get so much better. I hope to never see him on a Reality TV show again unless it is a Prison Themed one. I can not stand his fake ass.

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