WATCH: Andy Cohen Reading Madison LeCroy & Jay Cutler’s Texts

NBCUMV Madison LeCroy came with text message receipts on the Southern Charm reunion.

The Southern Charm drama definitely doesn’t stop once they wrap filming. Over the last few months, cast members Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, and Madison LeCroy have been making headlines for their relationship with former couple Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler.

Conover and Kroll formed a friendship with Cavallari and her close friend Justin Anderson. On the other hand, LeCroy – who dated Kroll on-and-off for over two years – struck a flirty friendship with Cavallari’s estranged husband Cutler.

The friendship drama comes to a head on the second part of the Southern Charm reunion airing Thursday, February 4. During the reunion, Conover brings up LeCroy’s relationship with Cutler. In a preview for the reunion, as seen above, Conover tells LeCroy, “You commented on Kristin Cavallari’s f****** picture, because you hate that we’re friends now. You’re like, ‘hey I’ll be f****** Jay this week.’”

After Conover and Kroll accused LeCroy of hanging out with Cutler out of spite, she defends herself saying, “He came to Charleston and reached out to me,” in the preview for the second part of the Southern Charm reunion.

LeCroy then asked Cohen if he’d like to see the messages, to which Cohen eagerly accepts. “So this is the DM,” Cohen says as he reads from LeCroy’s phone. “This is Jay Cutler asking what the top three restaurants in Charleston is. She said, ‘Are you asking this because your ex sent the same DM to my ex?’ So he said, ‘Haha did she? I don’t keep up with her.’ And then she recommends a restaurant.”

Cohen continues reading, “She said, ‘I’ll guess we’ll have to test more out. That’s flirty with a winky emoji! And then she said, ‘When are you coming?’ He said, ‘Tomorrow,’ and then she said, ‘Wanna come out on the boat?’” The preview clip then ends with LeCroy taking her phone back from Cohen.

Conover Exclusively Shared With Heavy How He Got in Contact With Cavallari

“It’s funny, because there’s a whole bunch of guest opinions going on, but nobody really knows, it’s funny,” Conover told Heavy regarding their friendship with Cavallari on Wednesday, January 20.

“So anyway, Justin has been a friend or fan turned friend of Sewing Down South [Conover’s pillow and design company] for a long time now, and he’s worn our hats everyday for like two years, and so through that, he introduced Kristin to me,” Conover told Heavy. “They were kinda bored in quarantine also, and I was like you guys should come visit Charleston, and so they came, and I grabbed Austen and I was like, hey come to dinner with us.’”

Conover stands by his friend’s statement that the group are all just friends. “Yes, it’s just a friendship, and ya know it was good to help Austen, it really helped Austen with his confidence and feeling that he’s good enough, because Justin and Kristin were both like, you know they’re positive people,” Conover told Heavy. “Austen was going through a lot with the breakup [with Madison LeCroy] and to hear them tell him like, ‘no you’re cool dude, like you’re fine, look how much fun we’re having,’ he was like, ‘you know what, I am good enough,’ and so it was good to see him happy.”

LeCroy Has Exposed Her Messages With Cutler in the Past

The Southern Charm star isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. After the reunion was filmed, but before the reunion aired, LeCroy took to her Instagram Stories to expose text messages between she and Cutler. The 31-year-old Charleston hairstylist started her Instagram Story with a video of herself saying, “Good morning, yeah so looks to me like I’m going to have to drop some receipts, hate to do that, but..”

LeCroy then posted two screenshots that appear to be text messages between herself and Cutler. In the text messages, Cutler explains that he’d like to visit LeCroy. She then concluded her Instagram Story by posting a selfie of herself with Cutler, as seen below. She captioned the selfie, “Too bad it didn’t work out.”

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