‘The Valley’ Star Says He Won’t Reconcile With His Estranged Wife

Jax Taylor and Jesse Lally.

Heavy/NBCUniversal Jax Taylor and Jesse Lally.

The Valley” star Jesse Lally shared he is not interested in mending his relationship with his estranged wife, Michelle Saniei Lally, the mother of his 4-year-old daughter, Isabella. 

During an appearance on the June 4 episode of Teddi Mellencamp and Emily Simpson’s podcast, “Poppin’ Off,” Lally was asked, “if [he] had the opportunity, right now, where [he] could do anything to save [his] relationship with Michelle, would [he] do it?” Lally immediately replied, “No.” He referenced that he is currently dating Lacy Nicole. 

“Nothing. Knowing what I know now and being with somebody who is so incredible, like an amazing mother … No, I would never — never go backwards. Always upwards,” said Lally. 

Jesse Lally Stated He Does Not Believe He Was at Fault For His Separation

While recording the “Poppin’ Off” episode, Lally stated that he and Saniei Lally separated during the fall of 2023, shortly after the first season of “The Valley” wrapped up filming. He noted that he and his estranged wife did not publicly discuss their separation until early 2024. 

In addition, Lally stated that he does not believe his behavior contributed to his estranged wife’s decision to separate. 

“No, there was nothing,” said Lally. 

In addition, he stated that Saniei Lally did attempt to leave their relationship in October 2022. According to Lally, she changed her mind after he promised to make some changes, like being “present.” 

He explained that he believed Saniei Lally may have resented him after she had Isabella. He stated that his daughter was born at the start of the pandemic, meaning he was at home with his estranged wife and child. The Estates Director explained that he would leave the house without Saniei Lally and Isabella after COVID restrictions were lifted. 

“I wasn’t really being of service to the family. I was kind of being service to business and stuff like that,” said Lally.

Jesse Lally Discussed His Relationship With His New Love Interest

While speaking to Page Six in May 2024, Lally discussed dating after his separation. He explained that he initially felt like he was “cheating” when he began seeing other people. In addition, the father of one said he would feel guilty when he was away from his daughter. 

“I spent a lot of time with [Isabella] after the separation. And did not start dating for a while,” said Lally. 

He also shared he is “super happy” with Nicole. 

“We’ve been great friends. We’ve known each other before we started dating. She’s just a very amazing person. And she has, like, a beautiful soul,” said Lally. 

In addition, he stated he views Nicole as “a grounding” figure, as she does not “let [him] get away with anything.” 

“Which is nice,” continued Lally. 

He also stated that he has not defined his relationship with Nicole. 

“No labels. No nothing. It’s just fun to spent time with somebody again,” said Lally. 

Lally also discussed his relationship with Nicole in an April 2024 interview with Us Weekly. 

“I’m super happy with her. We’ve been great friends. And then, we newly started dating. And you know, she’s just an incredible personality,” said Lally. 

In addition, Lally opened up about his estranged wife dating her new boyfriend, Aaron Nosler. He suggested that he originally felt uncomfortable about the situation. He explained, however, that he decided to add his estranged wife and her boyfriend to the guest list for Isabella’s 4th birthday party in April 2024. According to Lally, he enjoyed his time with his estranged wife and Nosler, who he described as “a nice guy.”