Below Deck Med Star Slams Aesha Scott: She ‘Mocked & Belittled’ Me

Aesha Scott

NBC Aesha Scott

The “Below Deck Down Under” spinoff’s first season has generated a lot of drama among its cast members and a recent exchange between some stars prompted a “Below Deck Mediterranean” alum to share her two cents.

It all started when “Below Deck Down Under” bosun Jamie Sayed opened up on Instagram about Aesha Scott and Brittini Burton calling him a “b****” even as a joke. Sayed previously told Scott, Burton and other crew members that he doesn’t like the word, but in episode 13, viewers saw Scott encouraging her stew Magda Ziomek to call Sayed a b**** on a crew night out as a joke, which started a big argument between the cast members.

Sayed said he’d trusted Scott and Burton when he confided in them about the use of the word and felt betrayed and bullied by them when they used the word. “Two of these people decided to bully me and to sort of not take it as serious as I thought,” he shared on Instagram. “I thought, you know, by being able to trust someone and talk to them about this stuff, I sort of saw them as a friend as well. These people have now since taught me that I can’t trust them not as much as I was hoping.”

After Sayed opened up on Instagram, another “Below Deck Down Under” star took to social media to support Scott and Burton. Deckhand Benny Crawley shared his own video on Instagram and said, “I just watched the video from our bosun Jamie, and he consciously reiterated that he thought our girls are b****es. And he stands by his word on that.” He added:

I don’t agree. I love Brittini, and I love Aesha. They’re two fantastic human beings. They haven’t got a bad bone in their body. And they made my experience beautiful and full of life.

While Crawley expressed his support for Scott, one of the chief stew’s co-stars from her time on “Below Deck Mediterranean” slammed her “innocent act.”

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More Criticized Scott for Being a ‘Bully’ Toward Her on Season 5 of ‘Below Deck Med’

Sayed’s video was summarized and shared by the “Below Deck” Instagram fan account @belowdeckaboveaverage. Many fans of the franchise chimed in with their opinions about the situation and Scott’s co-star on “Below Deck Mediterranean” season 5, Jessica More, also shared her thoughts.

“No clue what’s going on here but she isn’t as innocent & nice as she plays to be,” More wrote. “She certainly wasn’t nice to me, mocked me, belittled me and made me feel overall uncomfortable. This was before there was even any issues between her and I involving R, why I don’t trust her,” she added, referencing her relationship with Rob Westergaard that season.

More also defended her opinion from fans’ criticism, writing to one person, “Youwatched pieces of an edited show & I was the one actually there not you…. I’m well aware when someone is treating me shady or not.” She also said, “I’ve never had an issue with anyone else’s humor. It was her who didn’t like me and belittled me, What you saw was my reactions not me choosing to not like her for no justifiable reason. She knows how to play people with her innocent act. Anyway…”

More acknowledged that she hasn’t watched the show and doesn’t know the context of Sayed’s dispute with Scott, but added, “I was just commenting about her being able to be a bully.”

Scott & More Worked Together on Season 5 of ‘Below Deck Mediterranean’

Viewers might recall that More worked with Scott on season 5 of “Below Deck Med” after Scott came in to help out with the interior after Hannah Ferrier’s firing.

The two didn’t get along well and things got even more difficult between them when More started believing that Scott was flirting with her boyfriend on the yacht, Westergaard. The situation between the two came to a head when More accused Scott of grabbing Westergaard’s butt when a picture was being taken.

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