Why ‘Below Deck Med’ João Franco Doesn’t Trust Captain Sandy Anymore

Captain Sandra Yawn

YouTube/Bravo Captain Sandra Yawn

In a new podcast appearance, former “Below Deck Mediterranean” star João Franco gave an update on his current relationship with Captain Sandy Yawn, and it looks like there might be some rough seas ahead for the two of them.

While appearing on an April 28 episode of the Behind The Velvet Rope podcast with David Yontef, Franco admitted that the two aren’t as close with each other anymore. “I think we’ve kind of split our ways a little bit,” Franco revealed about Yawn. “She’s busy. You know, there were a couple of things that were said after the season that I wasn’t too happy about.”

Franco continued, “When social media comes out and says things like, oh, well, you’re favoring João while you’re doing this, and then she kind of catches onto that and then repeats it. It’s like, you don’t feel that way, so why are you saying it? You know, so I’ve got a huge issue with people not being real for sure.”

During his appearance, Franco also explained that he is unsure where exactly he stands with Yawn, as she has sent him mixed messages over the years.

“There were times where she would say that she really misses me and she loves me and we’ve had a great time, and I’m always here for you,” Franco explained. “Then there are times where she says, we’re just friends, we’re associates, you’re not like one of my friends. And then I’m like, okay, but that makes no sense. Where are we?”

Heavy has reached out to Yawn for comment.

Franco Questioned Yawn’s Motivations on the Show

While appearing on the podcast, Franco also admitted that he questioned Yawn’s motivations when it came to helping him in the industry. During the “Below Deck Mediterranean” season four finale, Yawn promised Franco that she would help him get a captain’s job on another boat. However, during BravoCon in 2019, Franco explained that Yawn took a dig at him and told the audience that he wasn’t “even close” to being a captain on “Below Deck.”

“It’s difficult to tell whether someone is doing something for you or someone is doing something for them by helping someone in their career,” Franco explained on the podcast. “Is it boosting my career? Yes, it is. And I appreciate that. But is it boosting your career, too? So you just you never know. And again, we go back to the point where you said I like I have no trust and then I’ll gain that trust. And I’m still a little bit skeptical.”

Franco continued, “By helping me, she shows that she fits. She shows that she’s a caring captain and she’s a mentor and she wants someone else’s career to grow, which is very true. And, by showing that, she gets a lot of recognition and a lot of affection, per se, compassion, but from people outside of the industry to say, you know, she’s doing a great job, she’s helping people. I know that she does. But it will always be a question as to why, you know?”

Franco Still Has Respect for Yawn

However, although Yawn may have left a bad taste in Franco’s mouth after “Below Deck Mediterranean,” the star maintains that he still respects his former Captain.

“After the first season we did spend a lot of free time together,” Franco admitted. “When I was in New York we’d link up, we went to Boston, watched the Eagles [versus] Patriots game together. It was really nice. And that’s why I think after the second season, I don’t know what changed it in a sense, but that’s where I just thought, you know, rather than anything else to take a step back. And again, if she reaches out and she wants to make a plan, I’m absolutely there for it.”

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