John Pringle Throws Madison LeCroy Under the Bus

John Pringle Madison LeCroy dating

Instagram John Pringle, left, and Madison LeCroy, right.

Southern Charm cast member John Pringle is calling out his costar Madison LeCroy. Newcomer Pringle initially hit it off with LeCroy. Towards the beginning of the season, Lecroy was still seeing her on-again-off-again boyfriend and Southern Charm star Austen Kroll.

LeCroy’s close friend and Southern Charm matriarch Patricia Altschul met with Pringle to welcome him to Charleston. During the visit, Altschul suggested that Pringle should pursue LeCroy. The dad of two initially seemed interested, but after talking with Kroll and getting to know LeCroy better, he decided against it.

Pringle recently dished about why the two didn’t work out. “I just don’t necessarily subscribe to the fact that Madison is interested in me at all,” Pringle told Entertainment Tonight on January 21. “I think I was a bit of a pawn and I think she is a master player of relationship chess.”

He added that he thinks LeCroy used him to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. “She knows what she’s doing,” Pringle shared. “You know, what strings she’s pulling to get a reaction out of him, and it usually works. Like, they’re usually the reaction she wants and I’m a victim of that in relationships, too — or I do it. You know, I’ve seen it before, I’ve been a part of it.”

Pringle continued saying, “Now that I’m at least kind of on the outside looking in, and I’m not like this — honestly, I was a jerk. We can all say it. I was a jerk. I didn’t know he was, like, in love with her. I thought it was just kind of a toxic relationship.”

Pringle Wasn’t Afraid to Get Flirty With LeCroy in Front of Kroll

Before Pringle dismissed having feelings for LeCroy, he initially seemed open to the possibility. During one episode before COVID-19, the boys drank at bars while the girls headed over to Leva Bonaparte’s home for a traditional Persian dinner. The boys took shots while chatting, and LeCroy’s name got brought up.

Pringle, who was under the influence at that point, then made a few suggestive comments to LeCroy’s boyfriend, Kroll. “You know what I will say this about Madison,” Pringle slightly slurred to Kroll. “I think she’s f****** great. I think she’s hot. I will be honest I had designs [desires]. She’s a smokeshow.”

Shep Rose – who’s known Pringle since college – admitted in a confessional that, “Pringle, he can be a little snake in the grass.”

The camera then cut to LeCroy at dinner with the ladies of Southern Charm. Pringle’s name got brought up, and she couldn’t help but chime in. “Pringle’s cool y’all,” she told the women. “He’s single, he’s cute, he has great manners.” LeCroy jokingly asked Dennis – who kissed Pringle earlier that week – if he was a good kisser.

Earlier on in the episode, Pringle caught up with his sister Jenny. When she brought up his dating life, he mentioned LeCroy and even showed her a picture of the hair stylist. “I met somebody cool,” he told her sister, and she replied, “Oh gosh John, you’re screwed.”

LeCroy Recently Leaked Texts From an Ex

LeCroy has been caught in a love square between herself, Kroll, and former couple Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler. LeCroy took to her Instagram Stories to share her side of the story. The 31-year-old Charleston hairstylist started her Instagram Story with a video of herself saying, “Good morning, yeah so looks to me like I’m going to have to drop some receipts, hate to do that, but..”

LeCroy then posted two screenshots that appear to be text messages between herself and Cutler. In the text messages, Cutler explains that he’d like to visit LeCroy. She then concluded her Instagram Story by posting a selfie of herself with Cutler, as seen below. She captioned the selfie, “Too bad it didn’t work out.”

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