EXCLUSIVE: ‘Million Dollar Listing’ Star Reveals Spin-Off Possibilities

Josh Altman Interview

The Hoyt Organization Josh Altman of "Million Dollar Listing LA."

“Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” is currently filming and Josh Altman spoke with Heavy about the upcoming season, his wife’s involvement in the show and spin-off possibilities.

In recent months, Altman teamed up with MDLLA cast-mate Josh Flagg for the Bravo spin-off “Josh and Josh.” The two were accompanied by their spouses Bobby Boyd and Heather Altman. Since the show’s airing, Flagg and Boyd have called it quits. The then-couple announced that they were divorcing via Instagram on March 4, 2022. Flagg has moved on with new boyfriend Andrew Beyer.

Speaking with Altman, he dished a bit on his spin-off with Flagg, possibilities for spin-offs in the future and his wife’s involvement in season 14 of MDLLA. Read on below for the exclusive.

HEAVY: I’m personally super excited for the new season of MDLLA and loved the “Josh and Josh” spin-off.
Altman: Thanks! Yea, we had a lot of fun doing that. The producers wanted to kill us, but we had a lot of fun doing it. Like, tonight I’m going out with my parents, Josh Flagg and his parents. The amount of funny stuff that happens in those interactions … you just never know what’s going to happen.

HEAVY: So, when it comes to spin-offs, would you ever consider doing another one, whether with Josh or Tracy … or Heather?
Altman: That’s a good question. It’s all about timing. As everyone always knows, my top priority is being the best Josh Altman in the world, number 2’s not going to cut it. So, that’s always a priority, but the response to Heather from “Josh and Josh” was so big that you’re going to see a lot more of her on “Million Dollar Listing” and then at some point, depending on how the kids are doing, at some point it would be a lot of fun to do something with just Heather and I. She’s my CEO. She sells $200 million a year in real estate, she’s one of the top agents in the country and a lot of people don’t even see that. So, they’re going to see that now and I think that they’re going to be shocked.

It’s not my brother and I who’s the boss. It’s Heather.

HEAVY: Well it’s kind of like home movies, right? Looking back at the show over the years and seeing your career evolve, as well as your relationship with Heather … Do you ever watch the old episodes?
Altman: It’s really cool. I mean, the coolest part of the whole show is I met my wife. Our first date, our engagement, our marriage, our birth and the kids now … I don’t even think it’s yet but to be able to watch “Million Dollar Listing” 5-10 years from now from the start, with the kids … Have them watch Mommy and Daddy, their growth in the business, from this cocky, young guy trying to prove himself to the powerhouse that the Altman Brothers are now, I think they’ll get a kick out of it.

I’m hoping they do and they want to be real estate agents because at some point, I have to pass this off.

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