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Josh Flagg is still as busy as ever! The “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles” star recently caught up with Heavy where he discussed all things real estate, new projects, friendships with Bravo-lebrities, and the newest MDLLA season.

The newest season of MDLLA premieres Thursday, September 2 on Bravo, but in the meantime, there are other ways fans can take in everything Flagg.

The real estate mogul will be hosting three sessions on Bright Live, a live video conversation platform that features various learning experiences from some of the most entertaining leaders – like Flagg himself. On August 12, fans can tune into his first of three sessions, “Real Talk with Josh Flagg: How to Sell Your Home,” where he will talk all things real estate. Specifically, viewers will learn about pricing homes in a competitive market, selecting the right agent, and how to best stage homes.

“We’re going to talk about real estate, COVID with real estate, and we’re going to talk about tips on selling your house,” Flagg told Heavy. “Ironically the real estate market has really sky rocketed [from COVID] in terms of that there’s only been good things with real estate.”

Even if fans aren’t looking to buy or sell anytime soon, Flagg encourages all his fans to watch, because buying and selling properties is inevitable.

“It’s always good to be educated about real estate, because whether or not you’re buying right now, you’re going to buy at some point in the future, sell in the future, and people are generally interested in real estate and like to know more about it, so it’s educational, and it’s more interesting than reading about it,” Flagg shared.

Flagg Teased at an MDLLA Season Like Never Before

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the normal MDLLA filming schedule took a little bit of a turn, but they are officially back. The season 13 trailer dropped Monday, August 9, and it looks to be a promising season – even Flagg agrees.

“I think it’s going to be the best season we’ve ever had,” Flagg dished to Heavy. “I just think it’s the best storylines, the best properties, the way that everybody interacts with each other, it’s never been like that before in other seasons. It’s always been a lot of interactions but nothing as much as there as this time.”

Flagg added that the new season will look like old seasons, broker opens and all! “We’re showing houses in-person,” Flagg told Heavy. “That was only temporary when COVID first came out that we couldn’t show houses and had to close open houses. But we’re fully functioning! We’re showing houses, having broker’s opens, we’re basically back to normal.”

As for feuds and friendships, it looks like things are taking a turn. Flagg and his longtime frenemy Josh Altman have buried the hatchet…for now. Flagg joked, “You never know! We’re good friends [now].”

But that doesn’t mean the not-so-friendly competition has totally vanished. The season 13 trailer hinted at a feud between Altman and MDLLA newcomer Fredrik Eklund. Eklund – who also stars on “Million Dollar Listing New York” – teased last season that he’d be moving to L.A. and joining the real estate world there, in addition to NYC, and he’s done just that.

Altman tells Eklund in the trailer, “It was embarrassing for me to try to stand up for you.” But MDLNY fans know that Eklund is not one to back down. “I think you think it’s bulls*** that I’m getting any kind of recognition,” he fires back to Altman.

Flagg Dished on His Friendship With Sonja Morgan

Flagg is no stranger to working with A-List celebrities, but fans recently went wild over a friendship with none other than “Real Housewives of New York City” star Sonja Morgan. Morgan stayed with Flagg for a few days in May, and the two posted nonstop pranks, jokes, and of course, fashion shows.

“She’s just a doll,” Flagg told Heavy. “Sonja and I have known each other for years. We’ve been really close for years, but she’s never stayed with me before…I know everyone really ate it up and loved it.”

As for what else Flagg has been working on, of course it’s nothing shy but fabulous. Flagg shared that he’s been mainly focusing on a podcast, a furniture line, chatting with celebrities on his Instagram, and of course selling plenty of real estate.

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