Reality Star Doubles Down on Calling Kate Chastain a ‘Cancer’

Kate Chastain.

Getty Images Arie Luyendyk explains why he called Kate Chastain a "cancer."

Former “Bachelor” star Arie Luyendyk has doubled down on his opinion of Kate Chastain. The two met on the first season of “The Traitors,” which aired on Peacock, and played two very different games.

Warning: Spoilers for “The Traitors” below.

Luyendyk and Chastain both started off in the castle as faithfuls, though many people suspected Chastain of being a traitor. After being doubted by her castmates, Chastain began hoping that she would get voted off the show — or killed — during the roundtables or the overnight murders.

On the show, Luyendyk called Chastain a “cancer” among the group. She seemed to have little interest in playing the game at times, even sabotaging a mission at one point by throwing away money. Ahead of the reunion, which is set to be hosted by Andy Cohen, Luyendyk is speaking out about how he played the game — and how he feels about Chastain.

Here’s what you need to know:

Arie Luyendyk Expressed Being Frustrated by Chastain Because She Started ‘Sabotaging’ the Game

In an interview with Us Weekly, Luyendyk explained why he called Chastain a “cancer” on the show.

“She really kind of was, I feel like, sabotaging everything because she wanted to go home. She really, really wanted to go home, which was hilarious to watch back. But then I feel like when Kate realized like, ‘Hey, I’m kind of toward the end of this thing,’ she shifted into a whole different mode and became a good player again,” Luyendyk told the outlet.

“So I think in that moment when I said that, she was kind of in full sabotage mode and wanted to go home [and then] she kind of turned the corner. I feel like we kind of repaired that in the house,” he continued, adding that he’s looking forward to the reunion so they can “air this out.”

Kate Chastain Explained Her Own Frustrations in the Castle & Revealed Why She Didn’t Quit the Show

For Chastain, the frustrations came in a different form once everyone started questioning her authenticity. She and “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Brandi Glanville were among the top suspects amongst the faithfuls in the castle — which ended up getting to her.

“Because everybody was always going after me, I kind of felt like I had no control over my existence in this game. So, really, I kind of wanted to reclaim that control by making it a ‘You can’t fire me, I quit’ kind of deal. If they get rid of me, which they’re all trying to, if I say that’s what I want, then maybe I still win. Still get my way,” she told Vulture after the season wrapped.

When asked why she didn’t just eliminate herself from the show, Chastain gave an interesting response.

“I’m going to be completely honest with you: I packed a lot of cute outfits that I wanted to put onscreen. I didn’t lug two suitcases full of wool jackets from Florida for them not to get on-camera,” she told Vulture.

Chastain is expected to be on-hand for the reunion special, which is set to stream on Peacock on February 28, 2023, according to Deadline. In addition, “The Traitors” has been renewed for season 2.

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