Kate Chastain Rips Into ‘Really Awful’ Below Deck Star

Kate Chastain

Bravo Kate Chastain

The “Below Deck Mediterranean” season 7 chief stew, Natasha Webb, was shaded by former chief stew Hannah Ferrier earlier this season and this week it was Kate Chastain’s turn to slam the new cast member.

Chastain appeared on Brandi Glanville‘s “Unfiltered” podcast on November 4 and the host asked her to share her thoughts on the ongoing season of “Below Deck Med.” While Chastain acknowledged that she often tries to be diplomatic when asked about other chief stews in the franchise, she was unable to be diplomatic regarding Webb.

“I think she’s just really, really awful at her job,” Chastain began. She added, “First of all, I understand in my first season, I put a humongous d*** blanket on a bed, yes I did. But that was elegant. When she brings out that dildo, it’s just tacky and so cringe.”

Chastain added that Webb was “just not elegant” and shaded the chief stew even further by stating, “It’s almost embarrassing for the yachting industry, like, girl you’re giving cruise vibes.”

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Kate Chastain Called Out Natasha Webb’s Drink-Making Skills & Also Shared Her Thoughts on the Other 2 Stews

Chastain also pinpointed Webb’s bartending skills as a big issue, in her opinion. “It’s just disgusting,” the former “Below Deck” chief stew told Glanville. She compared Webb’s drink-making to “a Daytona beach spring break bar.”

Chastain joked with Glanville that Webb likely doesn’t drink as much as them as she explained, “anybody who actually drinks is, like, ‘Give me vodka. Give me champagne. Give me a tequila.’ She said the type of bright-colored mixed drinks and shots that Webb prepared for the guests were more appropriate for spring break for college-aged people.

The beloved “Below Deck” chief stew also gave her opinion on the rest of the interior crew. She said she was on the fence with Kyle Viljoen, describing him as “a little too extra, a little too sassy.” Natalya Scudder, on the other hand, Chastain said she really liked. “I think she’s right,” she shared. “She works hard. She’s funny, she gets it.”

Chastain concluded that she was enjoying season 7 of “Below Deck Med” but said Webb was “not it.”

Natasha Webb Was Also Called Out as ‘Boring’ by Hannah Ferrier Earlier This Season of Below Deck Mediterranean

Webb was also shaded by another longtime chief stew, Hannah Ferrier. The former “Below Deck Med” chief stew said she hadn’t seen the 7th season but had heard a lot about Webb.

She told Showbiz Cheat Sheet that she didn’t think Webb would be a longtime chief stew, although she was hoping the series would find one soon.

Ferrier said she listened to a lot of recaps and the “Watch What Crappens” podcast and she thought Webb didn’t sound like “interesting television. She laughed that because the podcast host Ronnie Karam thought Webb was “boring,” she had to agree that Webb is boring.

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