Kate Chastain Weighs In on Current Below Deck Chef

Kate Chastain

Getty Kate Chastain in 2019.

Former Below Deck Chief Stewardess Kate Chastain is sharing her thoughts on the latest Below Deck drama. Chastain live tweeted her opinions during the latest episode of Below Deck on Monday, January 11.

Captain Lee Rosbach gave the crew members the day off, and in true Below Deck fashion, the crew members enjoyed a few drinks poolside. Chef Rachel Hargrove was enjoying her time by sipping on a few cocktails. After one too many, she decided to jump onstage with the band and start singing.

Current Chief Stewardess Francesca Rubi and Bosun Eddie Lucas were worried that Hargrove’s behavior would embarrass Captain Lee. Rubi decided to go on the stage and ask Hargrove to step down, but Hargrove didn’t want to. The episode ended with tensions rising.

Chastain gave her two cents on the situation, and she’s team Hargrove all the way. “Rachel has absolutely nailed every single guest meal the entire season and earned the bulk of all the tips,” Chastain tweeted. “She’s allowed to let loose on her one day off #BelowDeck.”

Hargrove – who has worked with Chastain in the past – responded to her tweet writing, “Kate… Kate… Rachel? Um remember Newport? Lol we got the boss so drunk.” Chastain added in another tweet, “And btw Rachel is a surprisingly good singer and dancer #BelowDeck,” to which Hargrove responded, “I have my moments…”

Chastain Has Supported Hargrove in the Past

Fan favorite Chastain has worked with Hargrove before, and she’s team Hargrove all the way. The two worked together on a yacht in 2013, according to Bravo. During a recent Instagram live appearance on WALT Wine’s page, Chastain revealed more about Hargrove and what it was like to work with her.

“She is so intelligent,” Chastain said about Hargrove. “You guys are gonna love her. She’s hilarious, extremely talented.”

Chastain admitted that the two watched the first season of Below Deck together in 2013, per Bravo. Earlier in the Below Deck season, Chastain tweeted her support for Hargrove. Chastain tweeted a series of four Facebook photos from their time in Newport together in 2013. She added the caption, “After working together as Chef and Chief stew for so long how are these our only photos together Rachel Hargrove. Face with tears of joy Love seeing you KILL IT on #BelowDeck”

Not Everyone Supports Hargrove Like Chastain

Hargrove made her Below Deck entrance with a splash with plenty of bold statements, five-star meals, and a confident attitude. Her strong personality doesn’t always go well with the rest of the crew. Earlier in the season, the crew celebrated a successful charter by having a night out.

After a few drinks, Hargrove decided to get up from the crew’s table and talk to other guests at the restaurant. Lucas watched the episode and reacted to the scene and revealed he was disheartened by Hargrove’s behavior.

Lucas said to Bravo, “Crew nights out are supposed to be about the crew. Have some fun, have some drinks, come together as a crew. And it went fine at first but, then once enough of the sauce got into Rachel, she becomes a different person. It’s rude and classless.”

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