Kathryn Dennis Sparks Concern From Fans Over ‘Alarming’ Move

Kathryn Dennis

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Episode 3 of “Southern Charm” season 8 saw Kathryn Dennis speaking with her partner Chleb Ravenell’s mother while behind the wheel and fans were quick to notice that the Bravo star wasn’t exactly driving safely.

As Dennis was driving, she had the call on speaker and was holding her cellphone in one hand, while the other was sometimes on the wheel and sometimes gesticulating during her conversation. There were definite stretches of time when Dennis didn’t have either hand on the wheel and was instead seen steering the car with her knee.

After the episode aired, fans reacted to Dennis’ driving in several Reddit threads, with many criticizing the star for the dangerous habit while others said it gave them anxiety.

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Fans Reacted to Dennis’ Driving Habit on Social Media & Criticized Her for the Move

Many people were quick to notice Dennis’ driving habits, with a few different threads on Reddit dedicated to the topic. “Just observing that in this most recent episode both Craig and Kathryn were driving with their knees. Lord Kathryn, it was raining! Put them claws on the WHEEL,” one person wrote. Another agreed, “Omg Kathryn was giving me such anxiety.” Another replied, “She was making me ANGRY tbh, it was alarming.” Someone else said, “I was confused by this because I thought they DEFINITELY have Bluetooth capabilities in their cars, right?! Unsure if it’s something they don’t do bc of filming or what?”

One person commented, “This scene had me cracking up so hard when Kathryn literally just drops the wheel to get super invested in her phone convo and barely bothers to steer with her knee.” Another said, “Driving with her knee And if was raining on top of it!” In another Reddit thread, someone wrote, “Watching Katherine driving in the rain while talking to Debbie holding her cell phone and not holding the steering wheel at all was crazy… How can they allow this?”

Someone wrote, “Oh my GOSH how long did she not have her hands on the wheel AT ALL?? Like…she was holding her phone with one (bad enough) and then GESTICULATING with the other (WTF?!)” Someone else said, “She was driving with her knee, which I admittedly do for a few seconds from time to time…. But just so you can talk with your hand? In the rain? For THAT long? I was wincing the whole time.” Another person said, “…while also in a custody battle.”

Another person commented, “Omg Kathryn! Hands on the wheel! Wtf!” Someone else said, “Glad I wasn’t the only one who saw that. Can’t be a good look for her trying to get her kids back.” Someone else said, “That driving scene was terrifying!”

Dennis Was Also Called Out for Her Questionable Cooking Later in the Episode

The driving scene wasn’t the only one that raised fans’ eyebrows as later in the episode, Dennis was seen cooking dinner with some strange practices. The “Southern Charm” OG prepared meatballs and while she was working with the raw meat, viewers could see that she hadn’t rolled up her sleeves or taken off her jewelry. She was also wearing a bandage on a finger and had long nails.

Many fans said it was “gross” and her nails and jewelry likely had a lot of germs. Others said she shouldn’t have been using a wooden cutting board for raw meat and many people simply said the whole scene was “disgusting.” Beyond the hygiene practices, a lot of people were also confused by what Dennis cooked and said the sauce and meatballs dish looked very unappetizing.

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