Fans Rip Kathryn Dennis Over ‘Gross’ Fashion Choice

Kathryn Dennis

Bravo Kathryn Dennis

A recent photo posted by “Southern Charm” cast member Kathryn Dennis caused a lot of big reactions from fans who shared their thoughts on her caption and her outfit in the photo.

The longtime Bravo star posted the photo and tagged it in Nashville, Tennessee. The caption stated, “Caught feelings, now im catchin flights.” In the picture, Dennis rocked a one-sleeve red and pink color block mini dress with chest and waist cutouts from PatBO. However, many fans criticized the look on the star while others asked if the caption meant that she was seeing someone new.

Here is the post:

One person commented, “Uh oh. Another Nashville boy,” referencing her relationship in 2019 with musician Hunter Price, who lives in Nashville. One person commented, “After your behavior at your bday I hope he caught a flight outta there. Smh.” Season 8 of “Southern Charm” premiered on June 23 and saw the Bravo star host a 30th birthday party for herself that ended dramatically after Dennis stormed out.

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Dennis Received Some Criticism Over Her Choice of Dress

Dennis received mixed reactions to her Instagram post, with many people complimenting the Bravo star on her look while others slammed her. “Trying so hard to be noticed is sad,” one person said. “Eeewwww,” another added.” Someone commented, “Gross,, she had such natural beauty at one time.” One person said, “Hot mess.”

A few people said they didn’t like the dress on Dennis, especially the cleavage cutout. “Don’t like this dress!” one person wrote. “Nobody’s boobs are so together like that there’s a difference between cleavage and creepy.” Another person said, “Cover up and grow up!!” One person wrote, “Sorry that dress is NOT flattering you are a beautiful girl but this dress doesn’t flatter your best self.”

One person commented, “Reeking of desperation. Once again.” Someone said, “Thirsty.” Another commenter wrote, “Stop the drama and forget that dress.” Someone commented, “Nope,” while another said, “You do not have to wear such uncomfortable clothes and so much makeup.”

Dennis Had an Explosive Birthday Party in the 1st Episode of ‘Southern Charm’ Season 8

The majority of the “Southern Charm” season 8 premiere focused on Dennis’ Great Katsby themed party, which she threw for herself to celebrate her 30th birthday. Although things started off well, with Dennis’s then-boyfriend Chleb Ravenell attending alongside the birthday girl, in typical “Southern Charm” fashion the situation deteriorated and the evening ended with Dennis yelling at Naomie Olindo and storming out.

Earlier in the episode, fans were filled in on Dennis and Olindo’s falling out after Olindo called out the mother of two for spreading a rumor that their former castmate Cameran Eubanks’ husband was cheating on her. However, Dennis explained in a confessional that she wanted to start off her thirties with a clean slate and invited Olindo.

Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out well and the two women ended up arguing, with Dennis telling Olindo she should be ashamed of how she treated her and calling her co-star “condescending.” Olindo, on the other hand, accused Dennis of trying to “ruin a good person’s family.” Dennis eventually yelled at Olindo that she was a “f****** petty little b****” and left the party.

Dennis didn’t feature as much in the second episode, but viewers saw some tensions between Dennis and Ravenell as they discussed the fallout of the party.

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