PHOTOS: Why Fans Think Kathryn Dennis Got Married

Kathryn Dennis

NBCUMV Kathryn Dennis from Southern Charm

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis is turning heads with her relationship status. Dennis first began dating Chleb Ravenell last summer before making their relationship official in October. Ravenell was a wide receiver on the Western Michigan University football team and is currently a product specialist at Apple, according to People.

Dennis and Ravenell have been going strong for more than half a year, but the two look like they may be ready to take the next step. Southern Charm hair and makeup artist Chelsea Shea posted a series of photos and videos of Dennis dressed in white wedding gowns on Monday, February 22. Ravenell posed with her in a tuxedo, as the @QueensOfBravo Instagram account captured above.

In one video, Ravenell gets down on one knee while Dennis reacts. The photos and videos took place at the Nest at Steele’s Farm in Charleston, per the Instagram Stories. The Instagram Stories tagged Dennis, Ravenell, the Farm, as well as photographer Kent Lin. Both Dennis and Ravenell teased that they were working on something special.

Dennis Has Teased That She Is Ready for Marriage

When asked if Dennis sees marriage in the future with Ravenell, she was fairly certain it’s on the horizon. “Oh for sure,” Dennis told E! News on February 9. “This is the first real adult relationship I’ve ever had where I felt like we were consciously working to build a future together. Like we talk about our future. We talk about that stuff, which has been really cool and it feels good when I say that.”

Dennis added, “We haven’t said the word ‘marriage,’” but they are considering another big step. “I’m looking into my living arrangements. We’re talking about long-term decisions as far as living arrangements and things like that with the children.”

The 29-year-old mom shared that she hopes her boyfriend will make appearances on season 8 of Southern Charm, if she returned to the franchise. “I hope so, we’ll see,” she told E! News earlier this year. “I was afraid to ask that question about if there was another season would you want to be involved at all if I did it. I mean he’s open to it because he really does handle stress and adversity well. I think he might be open to it. We’ll see. He’s definitely going to be in my life.”

Season 7 of Southern Charm culminated with a finale leaving fans on edge if Dennis was pregnant. During the last minute of the show, the camera showed Dennis in her home, noting that it’s six months later. Dennis then emerges from her bathroom holding a pregnancy test and anxiously waiting for the results. The finale ends without viewers knowing if Dennis is pregnant again, but she appeared on the reunion and set the record straight that she is not pregnant.

Dennis’ Relationship Initially Sparked Controversy

When the Southern Charm cast members found out about her relationship, many of them questioned the authenticity. Over the summer, Dennis faced a series of scandals, including sending a monkey emoji to a Black radio host.

“I wanna know if she’s bringing, like, a strategic black boyfriend,” fellow cast member Leva Bonaparte said in a confessional on Southern Charm, via Page Six. Costar Madison LeCroy also addressed the situation, asking Dennis how the relationship started since they’ve known each other for years.

Dennis addressed rumors in a confessional, per Page Six. “Chleb and I have known each other since we started to, like, flirt and kind of hang out before quarantine. I don’t know. A few months ago. I don’t know the exact date. I’ll have to look. He’s a f****** nice Ravenell!”

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