Kathryn Dennis Says She Has ‘Zero Respect’ for Patricia Altschul

Kathryn Dennis

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Kathryn Dennis opened up about her “Southern Charm” cast mates, and she had some harsh words for O.G. Patricia Altschul. The 31-year-old mom of two did not hold back in a recent interview as she talked about the people from the cast she would invite to her wedding should she ever get married.

Dennis’ relationship with boyfriend Chleb Ravenell ended n late 2021, per E! News, but in a new interview, she was asked who would get an invite to her future nuptials. The “Southern Charm” star wasted no time in shading grande dame Altschul.

Kathryn Dennis Revealed Why She Doesn’t Respect Patricia Altschul

Patricia Altschul

GettyPatricia Altschul in 2019

On an episode of the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef” podcast that aired on August 15, 2022, Dennis said the guys on “Southern Charm” – Craig Conover, Shep Rose and Austen Kroll – will definitely be invited to her future wedding because she trusts them all, but that the 81-year-old socialite will not make the cut.

“I would say that people that wouldn’t be on the list would be Patricia for sure,” Dennis said. “No, Patricia, she’s too flip-floppy.”

“Like, she’s for you whenever it’s popular to be for you,” Dennis explained. “And then she hates your guts whenever it’s popular to hate you. And like that just comes off to me as like super obvious and not authentic. And like I have zero respect for that. And like, it’s weird for me because growing up in the South, like you have respect for your elders. So to not have that a lot of times like really sucks. And it even feels weird saying it out loud right now, because I was taught not to talk about like an elder like that.”

Patricia Altschul Shaded Kathryn Dennis in 2021 & Didn’t Invite Her to Her Dog’s Wedding While Filming Season 8

Kathryn Dennis

BravoKathryn Dennis.

Things have been rocky between Dennis and Altschul over the years. According to an Instagram screenshot shared by Reality Blurb, Altschul even made a shady comment that appeared to be about Dennis. Altschul responded to a fan who was talking about Dennis by writing, “At her age I was married, a university professor, and didn’t do drugs or sleep with my husband’s friends.”

Altschul’s comment seemed to be in reference to Dennis’ previous hook-up with Whitney Sudler-Smith, Altschul’s son who had a friendship with Thomas Ravenel, the father of Dennis’ children, Kensie and Saint. In 2016, Dennis lost full custody of her children after testing positive for marijuana, according to People.

More recently, Altschul made it pretty clear there is no love lost between her and Dennis. In a confessional on “Southern Charm” in June 2022, Altschul said she tried to “establish a relationship” with Dennis but that it didn’t pan out.

“I wish her the best, but there’s no connection there,” she said of Dennis, per BravoTV.com.

Altschul also did not invite Dennis to the nuptials between her dog, Peaches, and Shep Rose’s dog, Lil Craig, despite including the rest of the “Southern Charm” cast.

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