5 Revelations From the ‘Southern Charm’ Reunion

Kathryn Dennis

Bravo Kathryn Dennis on the "Southern Charm" reunion.

The first part of Bravo‘s “Southern Charm” season 8 reunion aired on Thursday, October 6.

Here are five things that were revealed during part 1:

1. Taylor Ann Green’s Sister Is Battling Cancer

During the reunion, Austin Kroll began talking about the death of his sister, who fell from a trail at Chimney Rock State Park in North Carolina in 1994. He had spoken of the accident in an early season.

While telling that story, Taylor Ann Green, who was sitting next to him, began to cry and eventually got up and walked off the set.

The cameras followed her to the dressing room where someone asked if she was ok.

“Yeah I’m good. Austin’s just talking about his sister and my sisters not doing well,” she said through tears.

Back on stage, Cohen asked Green’s ex-boyfriend, Shep Rose, why he thought Green was so upset.

“Her sister,” Rose said. “Her sister’s sick at the moment and she loves Austen a whole lot, Taylor does, so.”

“She takes on my emotions, she’s an empath,” Kroll said of Green.

According to a post on Green’s Instagram page from May 13, her sister Catie King has ovarian cancer.

“Almost 5 years ago, my older sister was diagnosed with 2 different types of ovarian cancer; she was a damn warrior and kicked its a** after a few months of wholistic treatment,” she wrote on Instagram. “We were so excited for her and her husband to hopefully have the chance of starting a family, but here we are 4 and a half years later and it has decided to rear its ugly head again. Truly F you cancer. As incredibly disheartening news as this can be, my sister is not faint of heart and is ready to face this challenge again.”

She also shared a GoFundMe set up to help offset medical costs, which has raised just under $50,000, so far.

2. Kathryn Dennis Says Shep Rose Is ‘Just Like Thomas’ Ravenel

Kathryn Dennis took a jab at her friend Shep Rose during the reunion, seemingly over his break-up with Green, by comparing him to her troubled ex Thomas Ravenel. 

“I wouldn’t want to be Shep,” said Dennis while getting her heels laced up her leg. “He turned out to be just like Thomas, sadly. I’m watching it unfold before my eyes.”

Rose, who throughout seven seasons has claimed to live the bachelor lifestyle, finally coupled up with Green. Throughout the season he was criticized for not committing to her fully and they eventually split in August 2022.

“Shep tried to pull me aside, he’s like ‘can I talk to you for a second?’ and like actually, no you can’t,” Green said during the getting-ready portion of the reunion.

3. Madison LeCroy Accused Olivia Flowers of Hooking up With Thomas Ravenel

Andy Cohen mentioned during the reunion that quite a few cast members dated each other or dated the same people. While explaining this he pointed out that Dennis and Green both dated Rose and that Naomie Olindo and Paige DeSorbo both dated Craig Conover.

“Any others we don’t know about?” Cohen asked.

Then Madison LeCroy pointed at Olivia Flowers and said, “I think Thomas and Olivia, right?”

Flowers looked stunned, “Me? Me having sex with Thomas?”

Green chimed in to say, “That was so f****** random.”

Cohen then asked if Flowers had ever dated Thomas.

“Nooooo. He’s like a family friend. Sorry, where did that come from? Did you just pull that out of your fake a** or what?” she said turning back to LeCroy.

“No, the a** is actually real,” LeCroy responded.

“That’s how you do it,” Flowers said, clearly annoyed.

“You don’t know how I do anything,” LeCroy said.

4. Taylor Ann Green Blasted Shep Rose for His ‘Slew of Whores’: ‘I Was Just the Whore That Lasted the Longest’

Fresh from their break-up, Green blasted Rose for his actions in Texas.

“Shep, were you tomcatting around Texas?” Cohen asked Rose, who laughed it off.

“I was in a new city and I was having a good time,” Rose explained. “And by the way, single man, I don’t see any capital offense.”

Then Green weighed in.

“That fine that you’re single Shep,” she said. “It’s the fact that we spent two and a half years together. You’ve allegedly slept with over 300 women. And we broke up and you told me you were not capable of being in a committed relationship, you don’t want to be in a committed relationship, you need to figure your s*** out, figure out what the next step in your life is.”

“Correct,” Rose said.

“So you’re telling me A-B-C and all of your actions were X-Y-Z,” she continued. “So you went out, partied, doing God knows what with women in Texas. Do you even know her name? So now you’ve wrapped me into this slew of whores that you have fucked and now I’m just a number. And that is what f***** me up in the head.”

“I’m sorry you feel that way,” Rose responded. “I’m really sorry.”

“I was just the whore that lasted the longest,” she said.

5. Leyva Bonaparte Says Craig Conover Thinks He’s ‘the Most Popular Man on Bravo’

While doing a package about Conover’s friendship with the men changing, Leyva Bonaparte claimed that Conover’s ego was out of control.

“Did Craig get a little full of himself?” Cohen asked the group.

“You literally said to me ‘Do you want to go to war with me? I’m the most popular man on Bravo. You literally said those words to me,” Bonaparte said.

Conover interrupted her and asked, “Where is that?”

“You said it right in front of Paige, to me,” she said.

Conover simply laughed it off.

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Linda Adams
Linda Adams
1 month ago

Shep has so much anxiety that it is hard to watch him. He needs serious counseling to address whatever issues that keep him from growing up. I hope Taylor feels better after getting her feelings out in the open. She tried to make the relationship work and I think Shep gave it the best he had, which is not enough. At least Craig was sober this years, which was nice. Naomi and Craig were not at each other’s throats, thankfully, Paige was not there. Craig acts like a complete jerk to Naomi when she is around. No need for that childish behavior. Kathryn was not “too” unhinged, but no one really tried to poke the bear too much. I think Olivia is a genuine person and reminds me of Chelsea, whom I miss dearly. Austin has a lot of growing up to do also, but he is not mean spirited and was very supportive of Taylor. Leva can hold her own, but she really was not involved in many outings on the show this year. I am not sure why she is part of the cast. Venita was pretty quiet, but she seems to be at odds with the people that were her friends when she joined the show. I use to like Madison but she has become a really mean girl. She needs to move on with her life, which is not part of this group.

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