IG User Tells Katie Maloney She Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ to Have a Baby After Abortion

Getty Images Katie Maloney claps back at troll who makes a comment about her past abortion.

On January 1, 2022, Katie Maloney shared a photo on Instagram that had fans going crazy. The “Vanderpump Rules” star posed with her husband, Tom Schwartz, and several fans thought that she was making a low key pregnancy announcement.

“Goodbye 2021. You brought some pretty amazing things into my life. Some amazing new little lives, who I loves so dearly. Some really difficult moments and triumphs! Feeling really hopeful. Love you all,” Katie’s caption read. In addition to her mention of “new little lives,” fans thought that Katie appeared to have the start of a baby bump — and immediately took to the comments to congratulate her, even though she never said that she was pregnant.

According to Us Weekly, Katie actually responded to someone who asked if she was pregnant. “Literally no. Stop,” Katie wrote. Someone else made a comment that was not well received by the reality star — or her fans.

Here’s what you need to know:

Someone Told Katie That She Doesn’t ‘Deserve’ to Get Pregnant

Back in October 2021, Katie revealed that she had an abortion several years ago. She and Tom got real about that time in their lives during an episode of “Vanderpump Rules.”

“Tom and I’d been together for a year, and it was not pretty. We fought all the time. I wanted it to work out, but I was just like if anything, he’s going to leave and I’m going to be a single mom,” Katie said, explaining the reason she decided to have an abortion back in 2011.

For many fans of the show, the news was surprising — and fans weren’t the only ones. “VPR” newcomer Charli Burnett told Buzz that she was “really shocked” after watching the episode.

“I watched it at the same time everyone else did and I was like, ‘Wow, that was something that I wasn’t expecting Katie to share with everyone.’ I didn’t even know about that. I honestly commend her bravery. That’s not easy,” she told the outlet.

Someone took things too far on social media. “She does not deserve a baby after what she did to her first one,” an Instagram user commented on Katie’s New Year’s Day photo, according to Us Weekly. Katie seemed to have the perfect response. “Have the day you deserve,” she wrote. The comment appears to have been deleted.

Katie & Tom Have Been Fairly Candid About Their Fertility Struggle

“Vanderpump Rules” pretty much had a 2021 baby boom, with several of the cast — past and present — welcoming new life into the world. However, Katie and Tom, who got married in 2019, didn’t join in on the fun.

“Everyone around me is getting pregnant, which is amazing, like one blessing after the next. But I started to feel like all eyes were on me. And my friends were like, ‘You’re next! It’s going to happen! Keep trying! Keep going! It was a lot,” Katie said on the October 22, 2021, episode of the “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast.

On “VPR,” Katie and Tom talked about their desires to start a family, but admitted that it just hasn’t happened yet. The subject is undoubtedly something very sensitive for many women, but social media users commented on Katie’s photo, letting her know that they thought she was pregnant, nonetheless.

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