Katie Maloney Told She Wasn’t a Guy’s Type Because She Isn’t a ‘Ballerina’

Katie Maloney

Getty Images Katie Maloney recalled a recent night out.

Katie Maloney is socializing as a single woman following her split from Tom Schwartz earlier this year.

The “Vanderpump Rules” star is said to be dating actor Satchel Clendenin, who is 10 years her junior. The two were never Instagram official, and it sounds like they may have broken things off, based on Maloney’s recent Instagram Story. The reality star was out with some friends and was talking to a guy, but things didn’t go as one might expect.

As the two were talking, Maloney said that she found him “boring.” Though she was polite, she was just not into the guy and walked away from the conversation. A short while later, someone told her that he wasn’t into her because of her body type.

Here’s what you need to know:

Maloney Detailed the Night Out on Her Instagram Stories

On November 26, 2022, Maloney shared some details from her night out when she met a group of people and ended up talking to a guy from Scotland.

“Ok, well I’m here to tell a short story about disappointing people. Shocker. It’s men,” Maloney said.

“I was out with some friends and we sat down to talk to some people — it’s men — and they were from Scotland, well, this particular person I talked to was from Scotland, and he’s telling me that he’s [been] here for four years and he’s losing his accent,” Maloney continued, adding that she found that a bit strange.

She went on to say that the two made small talk and the guy told her that he didn’t watch TV, which she seemed taken aback by. She encouraged him to “watch programs” and suggested that he watch “Outlander,” which he had never heard of.

“Long story short, he was boring conversation,” Maloney said. She left the table because she said the conversation was “mentally draining.”

Maloney started chatting with another woman that she had met who asked her about the Scottish guy. The woman proceeded to tell Maloney that she wasn’t the guy’s “type.”

“It took about 10 minutes to describe that I was — physically — not a ballerina,” Maloney said. She said she didn’t care because the guy was “brain dead.” Overall, Maloney said the evening was “interesting.”

Fans Have Complimented Maloney on Her Post-Split Look

Several fans have complimented Maloney on her look following her split from Schwartz. Many have noticed that Maloney seems happier overall and have let her know that she has been glowing as she navigates this next chapter in her life.

While the guy from Scotland may have not been into Maloney — and the feeling was mutual, she said — fans have let her know that she’s looking great. In fact, during a summer trip to Mexico, Maloney shared a photo of herself lounging poolside in a bikini and comments on the post stacked up quickly.

“Someone’s Summer Body is bangin,'” one fan commented.

“I think she is always gorgeous BUT nothing like a break up to get your body looking amazing! Best diet ever!” someone else said.

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