Katie Maloney Drags Raquel Leviss’ Photo With Tom Schwartz

Raquel Leviss Katie Maloney

Bravo Raquel Leviss Katie Maloney

Katie Maloney had a negative reaction to a photo Raquel Leviss shared on Instagram. Nearly one year after announcing her split from Tom Schwartz, the  “Vanderpump Rules” star did not take kindly to Leviss’ cozy photo with her ex-husband.

On February 18, 2023, Leviss posted an Instagram photo of her and Schwartz posing outside of his West Hollywood bar, Schwartz & Sandy’s. In the pic,  Schwartz, 40, had his arm around the 28-year-old pageant queen as they stood in front of a neon sign outside the bar.

“Just cause,” Leviss captioned the pic, which sparked a major reaction from fans—and Maloney. After some fans criticized Leviss’ showy post, Maloney commented, “You really thought you did something here but these comments ATE LOLOL.”

When one commenter accused Maloney of being “sad” over her ex who has “the personality of spray cheese,” Maloney replied, “nobody sad. Lol spray cheese. I’m dead! The amount of times the picture landed in my inbox I couldn’t leave it alone. Desperado. “

Other fans commented that this was not a good look for Leviss.

“ahhhh girl stop doing & posting whatever production tell you to do!!! They are creating drama for @pumprules…. Queen Katie is going to eat you alive (as she should) followed by all the other viewers,” one commenter wrote.

“Raquel is being a petty little brat by posting this. There’s no other reason why she did this. I mean… Read her caption,”  another added.

“I mean she’s clearly just looking for the next guy to live off of. Schwartz is just silly enough to engage,” another critic responded.

The third comment appears to be in reference to Leviss’ past comment about her former fiancé, James Kennedy, and how he supported her financially. In the “Vanderpump Rules” season 10 episode “Was It Worth It?”,  Leviss admitted that she leaned on her former fiancé James Kennedy for a long time. “For the past five years I’ve kind of had James as a crutch for me because he would pretty much pay for everything,” she said. “I’m on my own now and I love it, but it’s expensive.”

This Is Not the First Time Katie Maloney Has Commented on One of Raquel Leviss’ Schwartz-Related Posts

Maloney has been salty towards Leviss ever since she caught the SURver kissing Schwartz during a Cast trip to Mexico. When Leviss later Leviss posed wearing an oversized sweatshirt with the TomTom logo on it while at BravoCon in October 2022, Maloney expressed her displeasure.

“She’s a fan girl,” Maloney wrote of Leviss. “Started as a fan of the show and now a fan of the toms.” 

Leviss replied to Maloney’s comment to agree. “I admit… I am a fan of the Tom’s,” she wrote. “I’m definitely a fan of the restaurant… best vibe, food and drinks in WeHo in my opinion. But I’m also a fan of Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval!! Here to support their business endeavors,” she added

 One month later, Maloney addressed the situation on an episode of her “You’re Gonna Love Me” podcast, where she revealed that Schwartz broke the one divorce rule they agreed on, which was “maybe we just don’t date within our friend group.”

Of Leviss’ sweatshirt pose, she added, “I don’t know if was a message but to me it was just… she’s “a f***ing fan girl.”

 “Not to slight fans of the show,” Maloney added. “I’m talking about being fan girl, swimfan, like groupie, desperado… like swimfan, like you’re trying the hardest, like whoa Like chill out.  It’s one thing to be a supportive friend, it’s another thing to be like that.” 

Katie Maloney Revealed She Stays ‘Far Away’ From Raquel Leviss

The cast of "Vanderpump Rules"

Tommy Garcia/BravoThe cast of “Vanderpump Rules.”

In February 2023, Maloney gave an update on her relationship with Leviss. According to BravoTV.com, during an episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen asked  Maloney where she stands with Leviss and she replied, “We stand as far away from each other as possible.”

Maloney also confirmed that while she’s hoped to remain friends with Schwartz with an amicable split, his indiscretion with Leviss was a game changer.

“It had a massive impact,” Maloney said. “I think there was a lot of outside influence and opinions that were coming into the picture when we were doing just fine.”

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