Katie Maloney Explains Her Unusual Instagram Handle

Katie Maloney Schwartz

Bravo Katie Maloney-Schwartz.

Katie Maloney-Schwarz set the record straight about her unique Instagram handle.

The 35-year-old “Vanderpump Rules” star posted a note to her social media story after a fan speculated on the origins of her handle, which is @musickillskate.

“Why is Katie’s IG MusicKillsKate?” a fan wanted to know.

A second fan posted a theory, which the Bravo star responded to.

Here’s what she said:

Katie Maloney-Schwartz Revealed How She Chose Her IG name

Katie Maloney Schwartz

GettyKatie Maloney Schwartz of Vanderpump Rules.

In a post shared on her Instagram story, Katie reposted a fan’s thoughts on how she may have come up with her name. The fan speculated that perhaps Katie’s own name was already taken by another user, and then noted that in early seasons of “Vanderpump Rules,” the Bravo star had revealed that she wanted to start her own music or record label someday.

“Find something you love and let it kill you,” the commenter wrote, in an apparent quote from poet Charles Bukowski, before speculating that the Bravo star’s great love for music inspired the name. “Think [Katie’s] love for music is so big that at times it may consume her and she can get totally lost in some good tunes. Again- just my own theory.”

Katie replied to reveal that the fan had it mostly right.

“Yes…pretty much,” the “Vanderpump Rules” veteran wrote. “Lol I have had this same Instagram handle since 2010. I had a music blog and a YouTube channel called Music Kills Kate. And since I just haven’t changed it. I like it. I know it confuses everyone but I’m attached what can I say. Lol.”

Katie Maloney Previously Talked About Her Love of Music

Katie Maloney Schwartz

BravoKatie Maloney Schwartz on Watch What Happens Live.

Longtime fans know that Katie has always been into music. In a 2013 interview with Reality Wanted, she even talked about a future career in the music industry.

“My ultimate goal would be to own a small record label that was also under the umbrella of a music supervision company as well – doing songs for movies and television, work with artists and supervise them,” she said at the time. ‘That’s kind of my main goal. I’m also really open to other opportunities. Presently, I’m trying to figure out what my steps are to starting a company. I didn’t go to business school so it’s learn as you go, talk to people, and go from there.”

Katie’s IMDB page also lists a few music supervisor credits from around that same timeframe. In 2011 and 2012 she is credited as a music supervisor on “The Warning,” ‘Three Way,” and “Silverwood: the Hunger,” and from 2010 to 2012 she was a music supervisor for 10 episodes of “BlackBox TV.”

Since that time, Katie has shifted her focus from music to being a restaurant owner. Her upcoming sandwich shop partnership with Ariana Madix was a storyline on the ninth season of “Vanderpump Rules.” The “unapologetically feminine” Something About Her sandwich shop is set to open sometime in 2022, per its official Instagram page.

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